Ramadaan Menu Planner

I’m not a morning person. Suhoor happens in a bit of a fog for me so having something to help me function in the morning will make all the difference. And while Ramadaan isn’t all about the food, when you’re a bit more organised it helps free up time to do what’s really important during the holy month. This list is a collection of Suhoor and Iftar ideas that you can quickly choose from rather than spending hours wondering what to make. For many I know this is half the headache and not just during Ramadan.

I’ve chosen wholesome nutritious options for suhoor that will sustain you throughout the day of fasting and easy uncomplicated dishes to prepare for Iftar. Most of these recipes can be found in the recipe section of my website or on my Instagram page. Download the printable version of the planner at the below link. You can stick this up on your fridge for easy reference. A great idea is to laminate the pages so they don’t get spoiled and you can use it all year.

I hope you find this useful and that it makes your Ramadaan just a bit easier.


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