Eid Mubarak

It is a bittersweet Eid this year. For many there are fewer seats at our tables. Our gatherings are still limited due to Covid restrictions and even as we break bread over laden tables our hearts are with our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Every year during Ramadaan the Isreali forces launch attacks on Palestinians aimed at breaking their spirit. This year is no different with for to hold on to their homes in Shiekh Jarrah as they are being forcibly and illegally evicted to make place for Jewish settlers.

I give thanks with all my heart for the blessings Allah SAW has bestowed upon me. That my child is safe and not listening to rocket fire in his bed at night. That in the morning he can eat his Cocoa Pops and not wonder where his next morsel of food is coming from. And that he still has his parents to look out for him and does not have to grow up overnight.

As we count our blessings, let’s all make a special dua for the people of Palestine, Christian, Jew and Muslim alike. May they be delivered from Apartheid as we were in South Africa. And may they find a way to peace. Because even a peace that flawed is better than the killing of children.

May your Eid be peaceful and safe.
With Love


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