Halaal Start-Ups make up 40% of first Makers Landing Food Incubator graduates

On Friday, 21 May, the Makers Landing Food Incubator Programme at the V&A Waterfront held their first graduation of eight candidates. The program combines online learning, classroom sessions, industry experts and use of the Makers Landing commercial kitchen to fast track businesses in the food space. Three of the eight graduates are fully halaal Muslim owned businesses:

Saa-rah Adams from Frikkadeli
Zulfa Cassiem from Ooh Fudge
Faieez “Fuzzy” Alexander from Fuzzy’s Foods

It’s safe to say that halaal is making a big splash in the food industry. Read on to find out more about each of these enterprising businesses.

Saa-rah Adams

Business name: Frikkadeli
Business type: Eatery, Specialty Foods, Catering, Retail
Products: Gourmet frikkadel sandwiches, samoosas and packaged sauces

Frikkadeli started as a brainwave between Saa-rah and her sisters while reminiscing about their mother’s cooking. Wanting to share it with the world, they decided to start a business based on her Cape Malay recipes. They focused on perfecting a concise, flavourful menu with the quintessential frikkadel at the core. They pride themselves on using high quality ingredients and environmentally ethical business practices.

Zulfa Cassiem

Business name: Ooh Fudge
Business type: Speciality confectionery, Halaal, Retail
Products: Halaal certified chocolate-based fudge in a variety of flavours. Soon to launch additional products such as fudgy brownie and millionaires fudge.

Zulfa began her business 5 years ago. She has always been a proactive and independent person, and when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, she decided to fight back by doing something that allowed her to create and bring her joy- so she turned her love for fudge into a business! She has the support of her husband and two sons in building and growing the business, but is excited to take full ownership over the strategic growth of Ooh Fudge.

Faieez “Fuzzy” Alexander

Business name: Fuzzy’s Foods
Business type: Bakery, Wholesale, Retail
Products: Cape Malay koesisters and rotis, ready-to-eat and frozen.

After COVID capped the travel industry in March 2020, Fuzzy decided to start a business selling koesisters to support his family. On a whim, he entered Vannie Kaap and KFM Radio’s koesister competition and was crowned the World Koesister Champion! Fuzzy hasn’t looked back since. He has a stand at Makers Landing, where he aims to expose the world to the sweet and spiced Cape Malay koesister, and eventually sell his finished and frozen product into retail and food service.

Applications are now open for the next programme which will run from 3 August to 1 December. Applications close on 30 June. To apply, interested candidates can visit the Makers Landing website at www.makerslanding.co.za. For more about the Makers Landing programme visit our previous article here.


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