The Venice Hot Chocolate

I have a bit of an emotional attachment to this hot chocolate which I have named, The Venice Hot Chocolate. Yes, it is entirely normal to be emotionally connected to food. Specifically, that which is made of or contains chocolate. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Our first trip to Europe was years ago as a couple. It was in Winter and Venice was the last leg after Paris and Rome. It was freezing and even more romantic because of that.

One of the tours we did was the Venice Chocolate Tour. A walking tour through the streets of Venice where we learnt about the history of chocolate making in Venice. It ended in a chocolate tasting experience in a small cafe where we were served tiny cups of the most divine hot chocolate I have ever had. It was like they literally just melted a few Lindt balls in the cup.

I recently recreated it and I must say this is a close second to that perfect cup which instantly takes me back to that cafe along the canals.

Venice Hot Chocolate

2 cups full cream milk
2 heaped teaspoons good quality cocoa
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp cinnamon (optional)
2 Lindt balls (flavour of choice) I used mint. It was divine.
3 tsp sugar or to taste

Add cocoa to 3 or 4 Tbsp boiling water in your saucepan on medium heat and stir well. Once cocoa is dissolved and lump free add your milk, vanilla and cinnamon. Bring to the boil slowly. Allow to simmer and thicken slightly. the more it boils the thicker it gets. Don’t mind the skin forming. Just stir it back in. You can always strain it out. Add your sugar and simmer 2 or 3 minutes longer. Pop your lindt ball in the bottom of a cup and pour the hot cocoa over this. Top with milk froth if you have or a marshmallow just for show. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon or cocoa powder.

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