Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine from Taahirah

I tried Taahirah skincare products for one month. This is what I found.

I’ve never been big on skincare routines or knowing how to apply my make-up. It’s something I always figured I would get to eventually. Your youth is something you take for granted when you’re having fun.

In my teens, my routine consisted of washing my face in the morning and applying Clearasil for the odd breakout.

During my 20’s I had an on and off routine. More off than on. I tried a few off the shelf ranges but at that age, one’s skin is still plump and healthy, so skincare took a back seat to my career and living my best 20’s.

In my 30’s I got married, had a baby and life was consumed with married life, work and motherhood. I started using the Environ range and was good for 2 or 3 years. But when baby came along, even that fell away.

Now in my forties, the chickens have come home to roost. Most people think I am younger than I look, which is amazing for the ego. Until you’re paying for something at the till in Clicks, and the cashier calls you “Aunty”!

Something flipped in my stomach that day, and I realized I’d been cruising for too long. I rushed home and stuck my face right up against a mirror, searching for every line and offending wrinkle. None to be found really. How dare he call me “Aunty”!

But in truth, I did realize a difference in my skin. The elasticity was no longer as tight as before and where I used to have a T-zone I now have predominantly dry skin. Moving from Cape Town to Johannesburg where the air is drier also contributed to this. I found that since then most moisturisers tend to burn my skin slightly. The dryness has made it quite sensitive so I really struggle to find good products that are also affordable. Even the Environ range has become very expensive. I’m just not that person who is going to pay R1500 a month on basic skincare products.

So when I got the opportunity to try out a new range from Taahirah Skincare I was eager to see how my skin would respond. Taahirah, literally means “Clean”. This range of skincare is completely plant-based. It is South Africa’s first dedicated Halaal-certified cosmeceutical skincare range that is also suitable to be used in salon treatments. Scientifically formulated it uses botanical and natural extracts, and is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and emollients.

I chatted to them about my needs. One being hydration, and the other anti-ageing. They recommended the ideal products for my skin type and the best way forward for me. The Intensive Moisturiser is targeted towards deep hydration and restoring the skin barrier, a good place to start for sensitive skin. They suggested I add the Peptide Serum or Vitamin C Serum to my routine if I would like a dedicated anti-aging component as well as adding an anti-aging moisturiser like the Hydrating Overnight Mask. And of course, a gentle facewash. I chose the gel cleanser as I prefer its foaming properties compared to a cream cleanser.

I had to start slowly with the products, especially since my skin wasn’t used to active skincare. Too much all at once could overstimulate the skin. This was my recommended routine for the first week to phase in the products:

  • Use the cleanser every second day (tues, thurs, sat)
  • Use the moisturiser every second day at night (mon, wed, fri, sun)
  • Use the serum every second day on the nights you’re not using the moisturiser (tues, thurs, sat)
  • Use the mask once per week

After that, I started increasing gradually till by the end of the second week I was using everything morning and night. Just the Overnight Mask remained once per week as recommended.

This is how the products felt for me:

The Gentle Face Wash

A light foaming gel cleanser. I use 2 pumps which is a tiny amount but it cleans effectively without making my skin feel dry or uncomfortable.

The Peptide serum

An anti-ageing serum that rebuilds collagen, increases skin elasticity and improves hydration levels. I use a small pea sized amount all over my face, even around the eye area twice a day. It feels slightly sticky but absorbs very quickly. It should improve the overall skin texture and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The Intensive Moisture

A non-oily hydrating and soothing moisturiser that provides 24 hour moisture in a slow release format. I use 1 ½ to 2 pumps of this. Also a very small amount. It spreads easily and absorbs quickly and makes my skin feel refreshed and hydrated. There is no burning or tingling which for me is such a relief.

The Hydrating Overnight Mask

A stunning creamy mask that I use as a night cream once a week. It is rich and thick and just glides on. It does feel a bit like there is a layer on your skin after but that’s why it’s best used at night when it can do its work. It has anti-ageing benefits and locks in moisture and nutrients for your skin, giving a dewier and more plump looking skin the next morning. I’m rather plump already, so I must be honest, I did not notice any additional plumpiness in the morning for me, lol.

I took these rather unflattering before and after photos of my skin so you can see the difference it has made. In the before pic, there are some dry patches just under the eye and the corner of my mouth that wouldn’t go away. In the after pic my skin is looking noticeably brighter and hydrated. I am loving the results and enjoying using the range. In time I may progress to some of their stronger moisturisers but for now I am as happy as Pharrel Williams.

The Cost of good skin

The products are at a great price point. All 4 of the products I used come in at around R1100 in total. It’s over a month now and they all have more than half still left. So it could last 2 to 3 months, which makes it very affordable. What’s great is that I still know I’m getting salon-quality products.

If you’re looking for a good range they have these cute little starter packs of minis that you can try for different skin types. They come in at about R300 and contain 4 essential mini-sized products. They are perfect to test what’s right for your skin. You can even buy the minis individually.

Taahirah is a South African female-owned brand that believes in ethical beauty. They invest in their local and surrounding community wherever possible, employing and upskilling their staff, which makes it an easy decision for me to continue to support them.

You can see and shop all their products on their website. Visit www.taahirah.co.za.

Do you have a skincare routine? Tell me about yours and the products you’re using in the comments.


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