Dinner’s in the bag with New Nando’s Bag & Bake

Busy is the new normal. And I know you’re just as busy as I am. There’s seldom enough hours in the day to get through the daily grind let alone making time for yourself. So finding solutions that free up my time is literally invaluable.

Popping into Nando’s for a takeout is always a tasty quick-fix. But on the regular can become a tad expensive. Which is why I love the new Bag & Bake concept from this much-loved brand. For these Covid times, it’s also the perfect solution for those that would rather eat at home but still have that Nando’s flair.

It couldn’t be more simple to use.

  1. Drop some chicken, meat or veg into the parchment bag provided.
  2. Sprinkle with the spice from the sachet.
  3. Pop it into the oven.

Put your feet up with a mug of tea for 30 minutes and you’ve just created some me-time.

I tried the Medium Garlic flavour and added a little olive oil to the bag as well. I would recommend this especially if you’re doing chicken breast which can be a bit dry. The smell, as it was cooking was exactly like a Nando’s dish. The meat was tender and perfectly spiced. And there was all that cooking juices in the bag that could be drizzled over the chicken.

The Bag n Bake range comes in the Nando’s strengths and flavours we’re all familiar with. The Garlic is new for me though but also a winner. And while it was a medium-strength, I did find it a bit on the hot side, and I have a pretty strong stomach.

At about R22 a packet, it’s a no brainer. Quicker and cheaper than getting your take-out, your dinner’s in the bag.


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