Nutella French Toast Sticks

“Pain Perdu” – doesn’t that have a kind of romantic ring to it? That’s what French toast is called in French, meaning “lost bread” as it is a way to reclaim stale or otherwise “lost” bread. Originally day-old bread was soaked in milk then in beaten eggs before being fried. Today it’s just so much simpler to combine the two steps and cut down the time taken. Cos let’s be real, time is real estate is today’s life. Except on a Sunday morning…

These Nutella French Toast sticks are the perfect way to celebrate a lazy Sunday morning and score Brownie points with the whole family.

You will need:
3 eggs beaten
1/3 cup milk
pinch of salt
Nutella or other chocolate spread

Use about 6 to 7 slices of day-old bread. Spread 3 slices generously with Nutella and sandwich with a second slice. Cut each sandwich into 3 sticks.  Beat eggs, milk and salt together in a bowl. Dip one stick at a time turning to coat all sides. Put a small knob of butter or ghee into a hot non-stick pan and when melted pop in the toast. Fry till golden brown on all sides. You can dress this up with fresh cream and strawberries or any other fruit for a really pretty looking plate. Here I’ve used cream cheese and Seville Orange marmalade. The combination of orange and chocolate is always a winner for me.

How do you like your French Toast? Sweet or savoury? Tell me in the comments.


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