Talladega Grill is Popping Up in Jozi

If you don’t know about the hottest new Texas-style smokehouse in town then where have you been?

This American style BBQ Smokehouse and handcrafted burger joint offers a selection of smoked meats including brisket, beef ribs, chicken wings and sausages. Their premium burgers are made with only the best Angus and Wagyu beef on the market. Products are smoked in a custom-built natural wood smoker using Apple and Oakwood.

The Southern suburbs of Cape Town are no stranger to Talladega. They have been popping up in Cape Town since early 2020 and now have a permanent sit-down eatery on Imam Haroon road in Lansdowne.

This March they traded for the first time at the Halaalgoods Market in Johannesburg. The queues at their food truck spoke volumes. Even yours truly didn’t get her fix that day. If you missed out at HGM like I did, then make sure you can catch them again this weekend at various spots in Jozi.


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