What to do with your Eid Leftovers

How many times do you look into your fridge or to your stove or countertop and see all those containers that you decanted your leftovers into and think to yourself, “I should cook less next Eid”?

There is no question on Eid that we, (those of us who can), pull out all the stops when it comes to food. We make delectable eats for breakfast, lunch and supper and sometimes for afternoon tea too. However for days thereafter we are nursing leftovers and frankly speaking I really don’t want to eat the same food for three or four days in a row.

I hate to waste food though, so this begs the question… what do you do with all your Eid leftovers?

Here are some ideas I’ve put together that could help:

  1. Roast leg can be shredded and used for Tacos or pulled lamb burgers.
  2. Salads, provided it’s without salad dressing can be used for wraps so you just need to add your leftover proteins.
  3. Roasted veg can be used for creating a soup which can be frozen too.
  4. Corned beef can be used as a pizza topping or lunchbox sandwich fillings.
  5. Sanna can be frozen for a few weeks for consumption at a later time.
  6. Roast chicken becomes chicken and Mayo sandwiches, or chicken and mushroom pie filling.
  7. Add pasta to your Butterchicken for a Butterchicken pasta.
  8. Add semolina to your Sheer Khurma or eid milk for a rich and creamy breakfast porridge.

There’s so many ways to re-invent leftovers. What can you add to the list?

By Munira Allie
Project Manager by day, everything else all of the time. A wannabe baker and passionate chef who loves an adrenalin rush cos it makes me feel most alive. I love fast cars and daydream about superbikes. I have a predilection for all things nature and love capturing the Almighty’s majestic beauty even more. If I had a statement to describe my life it would be “she turned her can’t into can and her dreams into plans”.


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