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Being a Muslim millennial in a non-muslim country doesn’t make it easy to find your true match. For one, the pool is significantly smaller, and the opportunities to meet marriage material in the workplace is slim given that 90% of your colleagues are usually not Muslim.

You may have had a plan to have your degree by 22 and married by 25, but the real world doesn’t always work out that way. Now you’re pushing the “of marriageable age” boundary and likely fielding aunties wanting to set you up on a samoosa run. Your mum is worried she’s not going to have grandchildren and you’re having serious FOMO seeing your friends getting hitched one by one.

So now you’re considering trying out a marriage app. But you’ve heard the horror stories about Tinder, and may be too embarrassed to register on Shaadi.com just yet, but these are legitimate avenues in a modern world and if used appropriately can lead to finding your perfect match or at least suitable husband or wife material.

Ask Appa is a platform that has been developed by South Africans for South Africans. It is intended to be the starting point for those looking for spouses and to find other like-minded people to engage with in a Shariah-compliant manner.

Not limited to millennials, it is suitable for all age groups, over 18 that is and under 88 if you’re a die-hard romantic even in your sunset years. Ask Appa is like a breath of fresh air with simple steps to follow and potentially find your soul mate.

How does it work?

First, you need to register a profile on the site. You add basic information like your name, age and city you live in. No photos are required. You will automatically be assigned a male or female avatar as the case may be. This is the minimum you need to create a free profile.

You can then flesh out your profile with more information in the categories provided. The more information you provide the more accurately you can be matched. The site is designed for Muslims, so questions feature such as: Islamic education, Islamic school of thought etc.

What does it cost?

You can search the site and connect with possible matches for free or paid options start from R150 per month to R250 per month which allows for matches to be recommended to you and other bells and whistles. You also have the option of being highlighted in searches or be able to hide your profile while using the site, for additional cost of course.

Is it only for South Africans?

Ask Appa is not limited and is available to everyone. You could find love in any corner of the world.

How secure is my information?

All user data is private and confidential, and not exposed to any other users, apart from the information which you display in your public profile.

What makes Ask Appa Shariah compliant?

Amongst other things, there are no profile photos that need to be uploaded, as is generally required by the platforms. Also the user decides how much or little information to share, with all information moderated by an admin. While the information is moderated, the platform is also coded to ensure compliance i.e. no explicit language allowed, as this will be deleted by the system automatically, users can be blocked/reported etc.

Ask Appa is also a multi-dimensional platform. As a Shariah compliant website based on principles of the Muslim community it offers an environment where you can access various services in a Shariah and curated platform.

Other offerings include:

  • An online store offering all of  your essential Islamic goods and a platform for home industries to register and offer their services online, making them national stores overnight
  • An online learning platform to partake in various secular and Islamic courses (this is still in the development phase).
  • Essential service information such as a mosque locator, salaah times and halaal service providers

How have they made this possible?

All of this is done firstly with the aid and assistance of Allah, and with the correct intention. They have also put in place the following to create a unique and efficient service offering:

  • Automated systems to ensure 24/7 uptime
  • A wide range of offerings curated by an expert team
  • Constant development to continuously improve the experience

Visit the site at: https://askappa.co.za/
Or meet your true match at: https://meetyourmatch.askappa.co.za/
Visit them on Social media: Facebook Instagram


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