6 New halaal spots to try in Jozi

September has been an exciting month for Joburg foodies. No less than 4 new halaal restaurants have opened their doors paving the way for avid foodies to open their wallets. While some have been saying the halaal space is becoming saturated, I feel it’s great to have so much choice at last. Rather than becoming saturated, it may well be becoming mainstream… So let’s celebrate this small milestone by heading out and showing our support.

First up Melrose…


From the makers of Clenergy which is now closed down, comes Miha. MiHa is the coming together of a casual café and classic dining experience. From a quick grab-and-go to a decadent celebratory feast, MiHa brings together the simple and the sumptuous. They serve international cuisine and have curated some of the best flavours from around with their own South African touch.
Find their details here.

AJ Whisks

After taking Joburg by storm in the market scene, AJ Whisks got well known for making the yummiest Golden Biscoff bars and then a series of assorted bars started coming out of his kitchen. In addition to many other chocolate and sweet creations. AJ Whisks has now opened a permanent bakery where you can indulge your sweet tooth or have a sit-down breakfast.
Find their details here.

Meanwhile in Sandton…

Shazmins Patisserie

Shazmin is an innovator who first introduced Joburg to her macaron vending machines in Sandton City. Now you can visit her permanent location in the Styleloft in Nelson Mandela square. It’s the most instagrammable dessertery and coffee shop in Jozi where you can enjoy breakfast, light lunches and indulge your sweet tooth.
Find their details here.


Launched in 1992, Calisto’s is a Portuguese sit-down restaurant offering flamed grilled Portuguese chicken, seafood and meat, with meals that are freshly prepared in the traditional Portuguese way. Their latest halaal store has opened in Sandton City, Nelson Mandela Square and even has small Jamaat Khana.

Jasmine Fusion

The much-awaited opening of Jamine Fusion fine dining restaurant has taken place this week. Chef Nadhir Gutta, after opening street food brand Mercata del Gusto and patisserie Dolce Mercata is ready to take you on a journey of flavour with his chef’s menu experience. Bookings are essential.
Find their details here.

And then Lenasia…

MO-EZ Fusion

Having opened earlier this year, MO-EZ fusion offers an upscale menu and dining experience in the heart of Lenasia. The menu is a fusion of middle eastern, coal grills and South African dishes.
Find their details here.


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