Makers Halaal Market debuts on Heritage Day

An exciting new halaal market is set to make its debut at the V&A Waterfront this weekend. Taking place inside Makers Landing, the innovative new food facility within its precinct, the inaugural Makers Halaal Market aims to showcase a number of talented brands and businesses within the halaal community.

Co-Organiser Mohamed Mohidien is enthused about the event. “As tenants within Makers Landing, we subscribe to the idea that food can connect people with different backgrounds,” Mohidien explains. His business, Conscious Meat Merchants – which he runs and owns with long-time friend and collaborator Mohammed Adam, is a working example of this.

“Since we opened our doors here, we have been part of a tenant mix that offers different things for different people. The one unifying factor in this space is that it is South African. Truly South African. Food is the medium but the message is one of inclusivity and of diversity.”

Mohidien, along with Adam, saw an opportunity to take this even further. “With Heritage Day looming, we took some time to really ask ourselves what this day means to us. As South Africans, but also as Muslims. The answer we came to was that we want to honour our heritage through historical significance but we also want to look forward. We want to celebrate the future and the opportunities this country has and we want to do that through food. But…and it’s a big but…we cannot do this without taking a real, honest look at the past. There are certain communities that have simply not had a fair platform to show their talent. Constantly marginalised, constantly overlooked. Well, now that changes. Now it is time to level the playing fields and to shine light on people that deserve it. There are so many untold stories. This market will be the stage to tell them.”

Vendors you can expect to see

Henry Mathys, Senior Manager for Social Impact and Food Ecosystem Head at the V&A agrees, “When these guys brought their idea for the Halaal Market to us, we were thrilled. To see the amount of talent within this field, that previously has not been highlighted, presented itself as an opportunity to create something special. It is an obvious overlap with the ethos we have at Makers Landing and we gave them the green light. The amount of work their team has done to curate and plan the event is unbelievable. We can’t wait to show people what is in store.”

So what is in store? “Lots,” laughs Mohamed. “Planning this thing has given Mohammed and I grey hairs! It’s been all-consuming but we have done it because we know how important it is for us and for everyone involved. We’ve rounded up a list of vendors that we chose from an overwhelming amount of applicants. It’s a humbling reminder of how much talent exists in the Halaal space and to have the honour of selecting the chosen vendors was something we never took for granted. Expect some amazing food, some innovative minds and a constant straddle between traditional foods and more experiential ideas. Heritage Day is the perfect time to pay respect to our cultures but it’s also a fun time to play with flavour. The day will combine food, music and entertainment to create a day that really is just here as an invitation for anyone. Come. Pull up a seat. Let’s eat together.”

The day runs from 24th to 25th September 2022, 10am to 5pm
45 Vendors
FREE 3 Hour Parking!
Will not be affected by loadshedding!
For more details check out @makershalaalmarket on Instagram.


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