Kwantu Private Game Reserve gets level 7 Crescent Rating

Kwantu Private Game Reserve has just received a Level 7 Crescent Rating for halaal friendliness.

What is a Crescent Rating you may ask? CrescentRating is a globally recognized independent rating and accreditation service for Hotels. Based in Singapore they rate hotels and restaurants from level 1 to level 7 based on how well they cater to their Muslim guests.

So level 1 could mean the hotel will be able to provide information regarding Prayer times and prayer direction as well as information on nearby Halal food and Mosques. Unless otherwise specially stated in the Hotel listing on CrescentRating.com, these hotels DO NOT provide Halal food in the Hotel.

This goes up in levels based on whether you offer halaal food, have separate men and womens’ leisure facilities, have a halaal certification etc.

At level 7 a hotel would take into account most of the needs of a Halal conscious traveller in their services and facilities. In general they will be serving only Halal Food and Beverages apart from having other family friendly facilities.

We congratulate Kwantu Private Game Reserve and their team for being the first and currently the only property in South Africa to obtain the highest level 7 Crescent Rating based on halaal friendliness catering to the local and International Muslim market.

More about Kwantu Private Game Reserve:

“The 5 star Kwantu Private Game Reserve is situated a 85km from Port Elizabeth, near the famous Garden Route of South Africa.

In addition to the Big Five free roaming along the lush landscape, Kwantu Private Game Reserve has many other facilities and offerings including for guests. These include a living village within the reserve, various accommodation types and on-site restaurants, swimming pools, a jungle gym, cricket field, tennis courts, entertainment area and much more.

The various 5-star accommodation types on site were created to suit couples, families and larger groups alike. These range from the Luxury bush lodges and Pollards Inn Villas, to the Elephant Ridge and Lions View camps, of which each offer guests different “bush” and wildlife experiences.

Dining experiences are of course an unforgettable one, with various common and private dining facilities available, with Kwantu being able to cater for vegetarian, Jain and non-vegetarian palettes. Kwantu is fully Halaal.

Therefore, for a true African experience, where one can experience more than just the Big Five in a family friendly environment, Kwantu is the ideal destination.

Experience Africa, Experience Life, Experience Kwantu.”

Find their full details here.


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