Reviewed: Best Bunny Chow in KZN

If you’ve always wondered where to get the best Bunny Chow you’ll be glad to know that this July, 6000 people voted to do just that in the Sunfoil Best & Most Consistent Bunny Chow in KZN 2022. It’s no surprise that it’s in Durban and since we were there recently we just had to go and put it to the test.

The winner from over 100 places that were nominated is Oriental Takeaways on Cowey Road. Situated in Cowey Park right at the entrance to the shopping centre, the tiny Takeaway is simple but neat and clean. They have a casual seating area with about 8 tables and while we were there it was frequented by workers in overalls and business men in suits alike. A good sign to me and I couldn’t wait to see if it lived up to all the hype.

A local friend met us there to catch up and recommended we also order the Kheer as a must try. All meals are served as takeaways, even if you’re eating there. Our bunny was wrapped in foil and served in a takeaway container. Opening the foil released the delicious aroma of a true Durban style curry which literally opened the flood gates on my salivary glands.

So there’s no delicate way to eat a bunny. You’ve just got to get your hands dirty and get stuck in. The curry had intense flavour without being too hot, and the meat and potato were both perfectly tender. It was good but a little too salty for me. My friend enjoyed it and had no issue with the salt.

The showstopper for me was the Kheer. I have not tasted a better Kheer ever! It was super rich and creamy with a hint of cardomom and sprinkled with almonds. It took rice pudding to Jannat (heavenly) levels.


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