What is Real Bread Week?

I love everything about bread. The smell of freshly baking bread in the oven, the melting sensation of butter being spread on a hot loaf and the sheer comfort of biting into a crusty slice spread with apricot jam…

Real Bread Week takes place from the second last Saturday to the last Sunday in February every year since 2010. This year, 2023, it occurs from February 18 to 26. It is the annual international celebration of Real Bread and celebrates additive-free breads and the people who make them.

The week aims to encourage a future where everyone has access to good preservative-free ‘real’ bread by either making it themselves, buying it from local independent bakeries or supporting relevant charities.

The Real Bread Campaign was started by the Sustain Alliance that focuses on policies and practices that can better the relationship between food, farming, fishing, and the working condition of farm animals.

Over the years I’ve shared several recipes of different types. I’m partial to easy bakes and these are fuss free recipes that anyone can master. Whether you love Kitke rolls on a Sunday morning, a sweet and chocolatey Banana Bread, aromatic baked Naan, or a big loaf to see you through the week. Here is my collection of bread recipes that never fail me and I hope you will try.

Hungry for Halaal Bread Recipes Collection

Do leave me a comment if you try any of these. I’d love to know what you think.

And if you’re not baking, which Independent Bakeries are you supporting?


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  • I’ve been baking bread regularly for about 6 years and sourdough bread for nearly 4 years. I’m based in Cape Town. I’m willing to share my sourdough starter with anyone who’s interested.

    • That’s such a generous gesture Sabiha, thank you. I never did follow through on my sourdough journey. Were I in Cape Town I’d be by you in a flash. 😃