Book a Corporate or Group Iftar with Hyatt Hotels

Every year the Hyatt Group of Hotels, part of Millat Investments, releases their Iftar, Suhoor and Eid menus for Ramadaan. We’ve become accustomed to enjoying their Iftar buffets with family and friends. This year the Hyatt group of hotels comprising Hyatt Regency in Cape Town, Hyatt House Johannesburg Sandton and Hyatt House Johannesburg Rosebank, have a specific focus on corporate Iftar bookings.

In the spirit of diversity and inclusivity a corporate booking can go a long way to foster better work relations and company morale. So why not book a corporate Iftar for your company or office. Find the various Group Iftar menus on offer at the 3 Hyatt properties below. All the properties have halaal certified restaurants and Salaah facilities on site.

The group menu is available for all group bookings, not just corporates with a minimum of 10 people per group.

Hyatt Regency Cape Town

Group Iftar at R329 per person will be served at the 126 Cape Kitchen & Café Restaurant.
Min 10 people.
Book on +27 21 214 1234 l CPTRC-Central.Reservations.ZA@hyatt.com
More about 126 Cape Kitchen & Cafe at the Hyatt Regency Cape Town here.


Hyatt House Johannesburg Sandton & Rosebank

Group Iftar at R275 per person will be served at the The Medley restaurant in Sandton and The Collective restaurant in Rosebank.
Min 10 people.
Book Sandton: +27 10 601 1234 | CPTRC-Central.Reservations.ZA@hyatt.com
Book Rosebank: +27 10 476 1234 | CPTRC-Central.Reservations.ZA@hyatt.com


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