Where to find Tikka Chicken in Benoni

There’s something about food grilled over an open fire that can’t quite be replicated in a normal kitchen. That’s part of the appeal of Tikka Chicken. The spicy flavours imbued by chilli, tomato, coriander, ginger, garlic, garam masala and yoghurt and the earthiness of grilling over flames has made this a popular dish to be found in any Indian suburb in South Africa. Benoni has its share of Tikka spots and we tried them out to see which Tikka topped the rest.

Al Mehraan, Atlas Road

A saucy tikka that is flavourful without being too hot. The colour is a bit dark, not quite as orange as a typical Tikka should be. The chicken was tender although we thought the chicken size was a bit small. At R60 for a quarter it comes with a small portion of chips & salad. No naan.
Flavour: 8
Tenderness: 8
Presentation: 6
Value: 7

Find them at: Cnr Atlas Rd, Top Rd, &, Boksburg, 1508
Tel: 011 894 2771

Chai & Chow, Westwood Village Square

This was the best presented Tikka Chicken we tried, even outside of Benoni. At R90 for a quarter it was more expensive than the others. The portion was slightly bigger and topped with ample gravy. Lots of chips which was thick cut and crispy as well as a roti, but no salad. The flavour was good but it is not prepared on an open fire, so it lacked that smokey taste. It had a more tomatoey flavour rather than typical Tikka.
Flavour: 6
Tenderness: 8
Presentation: 9
Value: 7

Find them at: Westwood Village Shopping Centre cnr Atlas &, Phillips Rd, Beyers Park, Boksburg
Tel: 074 926 2832
Find their review here.

Bismillah Tikka Chicken and Fast Food, Actonville

This was a good portion for just R45 for a breast portion and R43 for a leg portion. It comes with a good portion of chips, fresh salad, naan and chilli sauce on the side. The chicken was a little drier but the flavour was good.
Flavour: 7
Tenderness: 7
Presentation: 7
Value: 9

Find them at: 435 Mayet Dr, Actonville, Benoni
Tel: 083 959 7771

Marhaba, Actonville

This chicken was more saucy than the others. The flavour was a little sweet and alittle hot, and leaned to a spicy bbq rather than a proper Tikka flavour. We did enjoy the flavour but not a choice if what you’re after is proper tikka. This was R40 for a leg and R45 for a breast portion. It comes with small portion chips, salad and naan. The salad could have been more fresh and both it and the chips were covered in the sauce from the chicken. The chicken was nice but we did not enjoy the rest.
Flavour: 5
Tenderness: 6
Presentation: 4
Value: 5

Find them at: 892 Singh St, Actonville, Benoni
Tel: 011 845 3235

Alameen Fast Foods, Actonville

This was a bit of a dodgy spot at night in Actonville, so go early if you can. The chicken was a large portion and came with generous chips, fresh salad, naan and tomato sauce. We liked that they separated the chips from the chicken with a piece of paper so the chips did not end up with masala all over it. Flavour was very good but could have been more saucy. At R45 this was good value.
Flavour: 8
Tenderness: 7
Presentation: 7
Value: 9

Find them at: Manzil Sq, 1521 Soma St, Actonville, Benoni
Tel: 083 351 9555


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