Taste the Movies marries cinema & gastronomy in a new foodie experience

Have you ever watched a movie and been enthralled with the dishes being prepared on screen. If you’ve wished you could just taste with your eyes, then this new concept brings that wish to life.

Inez Essop is a young Law student who studied for a few years towards her degree in Germany. Inspired by a food and movies concept she saw there and abroad she decided to bring it to life right here in SA.

The Millat Group which owns several Hyatt Hotels in Cape Town and Johannesburg saw her vision and decided to launch the concept at their Hyatt House Hotel in Sandton. It has been running for 2 months and so far has been a huge hit.

The idea is to serve a 6-course menu throughout the duration of the movie where each course corresponds to a key moment in the movie itself. Some of the movies are foodie based like Ratatouille, and the food reflects what’s on the screen and some of them are not, like Harry Potter, but still corresponds to something specific in the movie.

Inez says that she felt there was a need for more interesting things to do in Joburg. And this concept is rich and immersive. It’s fully halaal which makes it very accessible to the Muslim community. She says it has been well received by both kids and adults and plans are afoot to take it to Cape Town.

There is one more show happening on the 29th October in Johannesburg. The movie will be Coraline and the menu promises to be spookily exciting.

From November they will be taking the concept to the Hyatt Regency in Cape Town. They will be showing:
11 November: The Menu
18 Nov: Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone
25 Nov: Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Tickets can be booked via their Instagram page: @TastetheMoviesSA


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