Halaal Food Trucks & Trailers in Johannesburg

With their vibrant colors and mouthwatering aromas, food trucks have become a beloved fixture of the modern food scene. These mobile kitchens are redefining the way we experience dining, offering a diverse range of cuisines on wheels.

From bustling city streets to vibrant festivals, food trucks have emerged as the epitome of culinary innovation and convenience. With their creative menus, fusion flavors, and on-the-go dining experience, they inject a dynamic and exciting energy into the food scene.

While Joburg foodies have no shortage of halaal pop-ups, self sufficient halaal Food Trucks are still few and far between. Here’s our list of what’s available in Jozi! Follow them on social media to see where they will be popping up.

Food Trucks

Smoke King Food Truck
Smoked Brisket, Burgers and Tacos

The Stuffed Churro
Gourmet Stuffed Churros

Mexican concept of Nachos in a Doritos bag 
073 167 3257

Habibtea by RSR Creations
Karak Chai and chapati concept  
Whatsapp 061 584 3172

The Noodle Bar
Asian, Thai and Korean Food, Wontons and Dumplings

Lokma Istanbul
Fried Turkish Dessert


Unlike food trucks, trailers need to be hauled to a venue but once set-up have a similar look and feel.

Sizzlers Grills
Braai and grills
084 582 3687

Jassat’s Ice Cream Co.
Home made ice cream and shakes

Chip ‘n Dip

White Cocoa Food
Lebanese food, braai and grills
082 748 2110 

Catch 24
Wood fired pizza
084 819 3161 

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