Chana Magaj

For my mum, there were certain non-negotiables for Eid. Barfi was one. Sanna was another. And third was Chana Magaj. This delicate Indian sweetmeat made with chickpea flour, with its earthy butteriness is a decadent treat that is simply hard to resist. This version doesn’t require milk powder so there’s no stress about what milk powder you’re gonna use. #IYKYK

Channa Magaj

500g Chana (Chickpea) flour
1 tbsp Ghee
375g Icing sugar sifted
500g Ghee
4 tbsp Hot milk
1/4 cup Almonds finely chopped and roasted in the oven

Sprinkle 1 tbsp of ghee and 4 tbsp milk over chana flour. Rub with fingers till it resembles breadcrumbs. Leave for an hour or 2 to dry completely.
Heat ghee in thick based pan on stove on low heat. Add crumbed mixture and braise till turns a light beige colour. Stir continuously to avoid scorching. Allow to cool.
Add icing sugar to mixture and rub with fingers till very fine or pulse in food processor. Add almonds and mix through.
Press into a tray to about 1cm deep. When set cut into blocks. Decorate with chopped almonds or pistachios.


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