Al Mukalla, Green Point


08:00 - 22:00 Daily


Middle Eastern


Muslim Owned

Price Range (p/p)

Medium | R100 - R300

Light Meals
Parking - Off Street
Credit Cards Accepted
Waiter Service
Child Friendly -No
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Updated: 31-05-2024

If you have an adventurous palate, then find your way to this unassuming spot behind the Cape Quarter in Green Point.

The restaurant is not very big and the inside is rustic with traditional Yemeni decor and quaint tables and chairs. The outside was a bit more rough with benches for the smokers and shisha. It was hot so we opted for outside but I would suggest rather take the inside seats if you prefer eating without being surrounded by smoke and seeing the stompies on the sidewalk.

The night that we were there a few tables were occupied by what sounded like middle eastern expat and one table with european tourists looking for a foodie adventure.

Al Mukalla serves Yemeni food. The menu is a little difficult to interpret so make sure you ask your waitress for details of the dishes. In true middle eastern fashion, we started with tea served in a traditional teapot and poured into small glasses and Laben which is much like a the Turkish Ayrin or Indian Lassi.

For those who enjoy dishes with okra, liver, tripe and trotters amongst others this spot will be a dream as these are not commonly found. Personally I don’t enjoy it so I wasn’t too happy when I ordered a dish that said mutton and turned out to be trotters. Luckily the hubster enjoys it so we simply swopped our meals. He throughly enjoyed the flavour. Taufeeq had a chicken wrap which was ok but the beef wrap was on the dry side.

I found the prices a bit on the high side considering the location and casual setting, but hey food prices today are not a joke.

I wouldn’t bring the kids here. But it’s a place to try if you’re looking fro something different.

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