Alcazaba lodge

Alcazaba lodge, Fordsburg




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Exclusive | R600 and above

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Updated: 12-05-2019

As the only Halaal Four Star self-catering lodge in Fordsburg, Alcazaba offers a variety of accommodation with no compromise in taste and services. It is the latest B&B with cutting edge architecture in Fordsburg.
Scrumptious breakfast is served as early as 7:30, have breakfast and watch TV or catch up on your emails.
Our on-site conferencing facilities cater to your every business need.
Halaal Certified by Sanha.

Listed 27 May 2016

Please note: Hungry for Halaal is not a certification body. We do our best to verify that an establishment is Halaal Certified or Muslim owned but we cannot guarantee information that is supplied to us.
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