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Angela Wall of London

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Updated: 12-05-2019

Nope, I haven’t quite expanded my restaurant reviews to London…. yet, but you never know…

Angela Wall is completely local and happens to be a halaal skincare range quietly operating right under our noses in Cape Town. I first came across the range at an Islamic expo a few years ago. I bought a product but then didn’t see it again in any mainstream stores. Recently I’ve decided to go more natural with my skin care. I’m not big on daily routines, in fact I’m terrible at sticking to even the basic cleanse, tone and moisturise.

I’ve realised however that the years are moving forward not backward and I’m going to have to start taking care of my skin sooner rather than later. So in the spirit of wanting to go more natural and short of rubbing a raw avo on my face every morning I decided to look up the Angela Wall range as its basis is the most natural, Honey, Almond and Rooibos.

The range originates in London, therefore, Angela Wall of London. In the late 1940’s, British singer and actress, Angela Wall, opened her exclusive beauty salon in Hanover Square, London. Her clients, who reportedly included members of the Royal Family, were treated with her own brand of all-natural beauty creams.

Legend has it that the creams were based on recipes developed centuries earlier in a convent in France. There nuns produced the creams using ingredients from the Abbey grounds and sold them to raise funds, but Angela Wall improved and perfected the product and the brand name “Angela Wall” was established. Seventy years later the Angela Wall of London products are manufactured exclusively in South Africa and recreated to suit today’s woman.

I had an informative chat with the owner of the business, Shanaaz Solomons, after which I had the special treat of a mini facial to try the products. I have a sensitive skin so was a bit nervous as to how my skin would react. After cleansing with the special cleansing bar, toning and applying the deliciously rich skin food, my skin felt fresh and smooth. No burning or sensitivity at all.

I was also treated to the honey healer which is a great all round nourishing cream which can be used as anything from a day cream, to a lip balm to treating blemishes. he range does not contain any alcohol and it’s probably the only range in SA to have halaal certification. The product is not tested on animals and does not contain any harmful ingredients. And gents, just in case you’re feeling a little left out, they are in the process of developing a range for men as well. Look out for that coming soon.

It’s a range on par with your Sh’zen or Environ I would say, but it’s fairly easy on the pocket. A 50g skin food goes for R130 making a beauty routine quite affordable. They also have travel packs at about R170 which include cleanser, toner, and moisturiser so you try all the products at a great price. Trust me, you will be back for the rest.

In an effort to keep it exclusive and also affordable you won’t find it in mainstream department stores.

Currently you can find Angela Wall in a few select Salons and Pharmacies or from an agent in your area. The brand is also all about empowering women and offers a direct selling business opportunity. Give them a call for more information.

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