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Updated: 22-06-2022

Imagine my excitement when I was invited to review the newly opened halaal Bardellis Xpress in Rosmead Avenue. Excited why? Cos my boys were invited too (happy dance). We love pizza… we love a good pizza even more.

We arrived just after the lunchtime crowd which seemed like a good idea as the shop itself is small but cosy with very limited seating space. The lack of seating space is made up for by the vastness of the menu.

The menu was pre-chosen for us and consisted of two salad starters, three pastas and three pizzas. We had the Mediterranean Salad and a Salmon Salad for starters. Both were very fresh, did not skimp on the feta cheese and the Salmon Salad had sufficient (and decent) pieces of Salmon in it. My two boys obviously went for the Salmon one cos they’re bougee like that and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The pizzas and pasta were all served at the same time so you could choose what to start with. I opted to start with the pasta first and then work my way around to the pizzas. The boys had a different idea where they went for whatever appealed to the eye first.

The three kinds of pasta served were Mario, Roma and Treviso. I’ve listed them in order of preference. The Mario is made of pan-fried mushrooms in a Chilli pesto sauce and garnished with pepperdews. It has a little bit of a bite but not overpowering and is very tasty. I love mushrooms and there was plenty in the dish. The Roma has a Napoletana sauce base and comes with pulled chicken, small bites of Macon and a hint of chilli Mayo. My boys loved this one. The Treviso was both mine and the boy’s least favourite. It’s a pasta pesto topped with grilled veg. I have nothing against a veggie pasta, however personally I do not favour aubergine, baby marrows or butternut in a pasta. Though I can’t fault the pesto flavoring as it was on point.

The three pizzas served was Cristini, Florentina and Bardelli. The Cristini Pizza didn’t last too long as all three of us really enjoyed this pizza. In the words of my youngest, “It was lip-smacking good”. The base of the pizza is thin which is great because then you can actually taste your toppings. It also has that crispness around the edges….the classic crust. I love that. It’s not burnt, it’s slightly brown and crispy. Topped with pieces of macon, sun-dried tomatoes, cream cheese and spring onions. Cristini sounds simple but the taste is far from it. There were some crispy bits of macon in between, and we liked that as well as the fact they did not skimp on the cream cheese. The only thing missing for me on this pizza was a little extra garlic and maybe some chillies. Everything else was perfect.

The Florentina is topped with creamy spinach, mushroom and feta. It’s a wonderful veggie option and was quite divine. Spinach has always been a firm favourite for me so this was good. The Bardelli was my least favourite in part because I’m not a fan of smoked chicken. However, my boys liked it. The Bardelli is made from macon, smoked chicken, mushrooms, peppers and pecorino cheese which is Italian, salty cheese.

All in all, it was a delicioso experience. My boys and I ate ourselves to the brim and yet there were leftovers. Keep in mind that the one is an adult and the other a teenager so they have healthy appetites. Portion sizes are more than adequate. The price range is between R80 and R169 for pizzas depending on the toppings and the size of course and the pasta options are more or less the same. The menu comprises of meat, chicken, seafood and vegetarian options. You have the option to swap out for a full vegan-friendly or banting pizza base at an additional charge. They even have a no calorie pasta as well as gluten-free pasta for those who are banting or carb-conscious.

The menu also includes calzones which are folded pizzas, grill options like lamb shank and a small selection of desserts, coffees and milkshakes.

Although the seating is quite limited inside, I’d imagine during the warmer months it would be great to chill outside as they have a few sidewalk tables. The manager did tell me that they are looking at reconfiguring the front of store to add a few more tables. However, if all else fails, take your food to go. They are available on Uber Eats, Mr D, Bolt and have an in-house driver to cover the areas that the delivery companies do not. This is the only halaal Bardellis in the area so they service suburbs like Pinelands too.

You’ll find them at Carlton Court on Rosmead Avenue close to the PnP.

Buon appetite!

By Munira Allie
Project Manager by day, everything else all of the time. A wannabe baker and passionate chef who loves an adrenalin rush cos it makes me feel most alive. I love fast cars and daydream about superbikes. I have a predilection for all things nature and love capturing the Almighty’s majestic beauty even more. If I had a statement to describe my life it would be “she turned her can’t into can and her dreams into plans”.

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