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Café on Queens, Woodstock





South African


Muslim Owned

Price Range (p/p)

Cheap | Under R100

Bakery / Patisserie
Coffee Shop
Parking - Off Street
Credit Cards Accepted
Waiter Service
Wifi Available
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Updated: 29-10-2019

I love the personality at smaller independent restaurants. They don’t have a set formula or cookie-cutter template for every dish but they have so much more personality.

Cafe on Queens is an old favourite re-invented. Remember New Brighton Bakery? They were originally on Queens street in Woodstock and then moved higher up the road to the historic building of 196 Victoria Road which has been converted into a wellness centre. It was a theatrical space with a glimpse of the old theatre history of Cape Town depicted in frames on the walls. It had its own distinct character.

They have now moved from that building and are back on Queens street but not trading as New Brighton Bakery anymore. Zahida Naroth has taken a back seat and a much-needed breather and her son Rafiek is now running the show as Café on Queens.

It’s a tiny place that can easily be called a hole in the wall. One of those places that only the locals know about. Rafiek is taking his time to carefully curate his small menu and tweak it to get it right. Currently on offer is a small selection of breakfasts, burger, and toasted sandwiches, mostly vegetarian. But if you know them from before these are not your standard sarmies. My spinach, macon, caramelised onion and mozzarella focaccia can attest to that. The menu changes and will feature a dish of the day like a lasagne, or curry or bake.

I was so chuffed to find they still do one of my favourite treats to have alongside a good coffee. The Amsterdammetjie which is sort of a cross between a cupcake and a cookie made with almond paste. It has the texture of a very rich and heavy tasty wheat cake. You don’t find these easily and I always have one if I find them.

The space is small, with just 3 tables, upcycled and hand made. You could just about get 10 or 12 people seated inside. There is a book shelf with some reading material which is about as delicious as the food. A great spot to hide for a few hours.

The old New Brighton Bakery space adjoins this smaller space and it would be great if they extended into that space and made the restaurant a bit bigger. They’re taking their time to grow though so we’re holding thumbs.

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