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Chicken Tyme, Milnerton


09.30 - 22.00 all week


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Cheap | Under R100
Medium | R100 - R300

Casual Dining
Children’s menu
Parking - Car Park
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Self Service
Child Friendly -Yes
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Updated: 28-03-2019


We found ourselves in Milnerton last week needing to get lunch in a hurry as we were between weekend have-to-do’s. Remembering a friend telling us about a place called Chicken Tyme in the area we decided to try it out, more concerned that they were quick than that they were particularly good. Sometimes you gotsta compromise when you have to. I’m glad to say this was not a compromise.

Chicken Tyme offers an alternative in the “flame grilled chicken” market. Their emphasis is on healthy and balanced meals with a sustainability and environmentally conscious ethos running through the business. The menu offering is very similar to Nando’s but with a bigger variety of flavours: Herb and Lemoni, BarbeQ, Morracano, Mozambiqa Medium Chilli and Mozambiqa Hot Chilli.

We ordered a Chicken Fillet Burger and Sweet Potato on the side for me, went adventurous with a Flame Grilled Chickin Dog Meal which is a Chicken Cheese Griller for Z and a kids Chicken Kebab and Potato faces for my little one. Service was quick while we waited at one of the booth tables inside. My Barbeque flavoured burger was tasty, albeit a little messy and the sweet potato was a healthy and guilt free side. It was heavier than normal chips though and I barely finished half of my portion. With great pleasure I noticed that the bun looked like it was a brown flour bun and checking on the website I see that Chickin Tyme uses freshly-baked signature artisan buns baked with a higher than average bran content as a healthier alternative. The Chicken Dog Meal was different. I don’t normally enjoy grillers but this had a nice texture with a smokey flavour. The chips are always the real test of worthiness of a takeout. And these passed the test. Crisp and fluffy with a tasty seasoning salt. Even the kiddies Lemon and herb flavoured kebab was enjoyable which I ended up taking away as T really was only interested in the potato faces. The takeaway was packed into a biodegradable takeaway box which gets extra points. Considering I wasn’t expecting much, all these unexpected touches were a pleasant surprise.

Downside: Only for parents with little ones: there’s no baby changing facility in the toilet. And as luck would have it, with the tight schedule we were already on, I needed to change a nappy and had to do it in the car. Sorry, but all mothers, I’m sure will appreciate this question. Why do kids always poo when you have to eat???

Prices were quite reasonable. I’d say slightly cheaper than Nando’s. And Z’s words sums it up best I think. In mid mouthful, “yeah, I could eat here again.”

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