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Updated: 28-03-2019


It’s 5pm and you can finally turn off your PC, close your files and escape the boss, only to be stuck in traffic for an hour in the oven that has become your car. Finally on the home stretch, you collect baby from daycare and make it into your driveway after dodging the rest of the neighbours all streaming in from their respective offices. It’s 6pm and you barely have time to throw together a semi nutritious supper while hubby baths baby and gets him ready for bed. There’s no way you’re gonna get to watch Egoli tonight. Just too much to still do before bed time….

Does this sound like a typical day in your life? I bet you’d love to just get take outs but don’t want to compromise on the quality of your food all the time. Especially when you have little ones who need the nutrition that typical fast foods just can’t provide. Wouldn’t it be great to get healthy home cooked meals that can be delivered to your door? Well now you can. And what’s great is that this new little business…is based in the Northern Suburbs where halaal options are sorely limited in the first place.

Cooked Inc. is a breath of fresh air. Started by Mariam Jakoet Harris and barely 2 weeks old it has hit the ground running. Mariam’s focus is on providing the best quality, healthy halaal food. She has a weekly menu of lunches and dinners. You order by Friday the week before and she supplies on cue to your house or office the following week. You can order just one or 2 meals or you can take a weekly package for better value.

Mariam was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. After processing the initial shock she became determined that this would not beat her. She started researching the disease and determined that diet was a leading factor in helping to beat it. She read up about food and nutrition and everything in between and put herself on the most healthy and unprocessed diet possible. 6 months later along with her medical treatments, she was cancer free. She has continued with this eating plan and Alhamdullilah, she is still cancer free today.

The food on her menu follows the same rigorous standard. The freshest veggies, never frozen unless it’s peas, Free range and organic meats as much as possible and hormone free dairy. She doesn’t use any styrofoam packaging and all her plastic containers are BPA free. Every dinner comes with something sweet and a healthy snack for those after lunch slumps can be ordered. Raw juices are also available as add ons and Platters for parties and functions.

Mariam was kind enough to offer me a sample of her Thai Green Curry and Cauli Rice. It was my first experience of cauli rice and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. The meal was excellent. The cauli rice was a bit like couscous in texture. I loved it. The Thai curry was flavourful and creamy with just enough zing. I had no carbs with my meal and didn’t miss it at all. Some other options include: Chicken and Cucumber Ribbon Salad with a homemade paleo mayo, Roast Chicken and Cannelini Bean Mash with Blanched Green Beans or Keralan Fish Curry and Cauli Rice/Basmati Rice. She re-invents her menu every week so you’ll never get bored.

You can expect to pay from R60 for a single meal to R500 for a weekly package for 2 people. It’s reasonably priced for the quality of the ingredients and the excellent flavoursa nd it’s certainly cheaper than ordering junk food. Delivery within a 10km radius is free and is available further out for a delivery charge.

Please note: Hungry for Halaal is not a certification body. We do our best to verify that an establishment is Halaal Certified or Muslim owned but we cannot guarantee information that is supplied to us.


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