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Updated: 28-03-2019

Dulce Cafe have an updated menu since May 2017. Please view their new menu under the Menu tab.


I remember when Dulce Cafe first came on the scene and I encountered the most decadent ice creams and milkshakes at their Tygervalley branch. They had a nice coffee shop menu but were not halaal, so ice cream was all we stopped for. Now, almost 25 years later, I finally visit a fully halaal Dulce Cafe where I can eat what I like off an impressively large coffee shop menu.

Situated on the ground floor just next to escalators you could miss them completely, as I did. I had to ask someone in Kenilworth centre to point it out to me. The setting is bright and open plan. Two sides of the coffee shop is open to the rest of the mall, separated only by a metal railing. We took a table on the inside of the shop away from the railing and were seated by an eager and friendly waitress. The cafe style plastic table and chairs were quite suitable for this type of pavement cafe, albeit in a mall. I also quite liked the artistic baroque patterning on the tables tops. The menu was quite big and making a choice took some time. It was chilly out but I spotted an interesting range of Granitas and thought I would start with that while I decided. The Cucumber, Green Tea and Mint made for a great flavour combination and was a refreshing choice. It was a toss up between breakfast and lunch as everything looked worthy of a try but in the end breakfast won.

I was recommended the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon which I opted for and hubby had the Avo and Haloumi breakfast. Both came with 2 poached eggs on hash browns. Getting a poached egg just right is not always easy. In the case of my 2 poached eggs which I requested soft, one was a tad too firm but the other was perfect. The hollandaise sauce over my eggs was just lemony enough and the rosti’s were crispy and nicely done. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish, even the little balsamic tomatoes though I am known to leave behind tomatoes in my plate. I requested a slice of rye toast, and was happy to hear they had some as some coffee shops don’t offer rye. My toast came pre-buttered though I would have preferred to butter it myself. Hubby’s meal looked a bit spare next to the decadent display that was mine. But he enjoyed it and found it quite filling. His breakfast at R53 was good value. The eggs benedict is normally R63 and comes with Macon, but the substitution of Salmon adds another R37 (eek!) to the dish which makes it pricey. The rest of the menu I found reasonably priced with a basic breakfast starting at R25, Burger and chips at R62 and pizza averaging R70.

We followed with a coffee and cappucino respectively. Dulce Cafe offers an interesting concept of a different blend of coffee everyday. They serve the Wiesenhoff range of coffees and have a ‘coffee of the day’ for each day. On this day they were serving an Africa blend. I found it a bit thin and mild in flavour. However, my cappucino on the other hand was a masterpiece with a lovely depth of flavour and delicious chocolatey notes. If I was not already so full I would have ordered another. Their pre-packed coffees are also available for sale. Dessert was certainly not on the cards either but I did go check out the cake fridge for the sake of interest. Not a huge range but all the staples – cake, muffins and scones.

They have pasta, pizza, salads and wraps. Even burgers, mains, and bless their hearts, a selection of Low Carb options. You really are spoiled for choice, which means they will more than likely see me again soon.

Reviewed: 4 August 2016

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User Reviews

    • Wslm Sihaam. Yes, they have been certified halaal since early June this year. So very recent developments. ????
      Do leave a comment once you’ve tried them out.

  • I went there after seeing your blog post, and was quite impressed. We ordered the chicken schnitzel which is a chicken fillet topped with cheese and mushrooms, 2 veg of the day (creamy spinach (average tasting) and salad), plus fries (or rice)… rating 7/10. Then also had the beef fillet (came with roasted veg, fries and spinach), really tender and juicy, 9/10. The gourmet hazelnut milkshake 10/10 was to die for! The kiwi/apple fruit smoothie 6/10… and finally the avo and halloumi poached egg on hashbrowns 8/10. Thanks for the recommendation, lovely experience, excellent service and experience. Pricing is slightly cheaper than Spur, except for the drinks, a bit more pricey.

  • Aslkm. I’ve been to this place more than once, mostly for breakfast. Love their Eggs Benedict. My daughters have tried other things from the menu, and they were happy every time. The wait is a bit long, but food is always fresh and service is friendly. Would definitely recommend.

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