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Middle Eastern


Muslim Owned

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Casual Dining
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Updated: 28-03-2019


We found ourselves in the CBD late afternoon this week and rather than brave the peak hour traffic out of town we had Iftar at a little Burger joint on Loop Street that just recently opened. Flamed Burger opened their doors 2 months ago by a Jordanian and South African couple who have come to settle back in Cape Town after some time in Dubai.

They have put together an offering that includes handmade craft burgers, chicken wings and sides, a smattering of middle eastern dishes and smoothies. You could quite easily miss this place as there is no signage outside that says Flamed Burger. I knew from the Instagram account that they were at 61 Loop street so managed to find a sign that said 61+ate on a canopy and that’s where they were. It’s a fairly small place with about 4 small round glass tables against one wall with a full length padded booth seat. The opposite side had a row of barstools against a counter. Had this been a normal day and not Ramadaan, we may not have gotten a table. The furniture is contemporary, and some thought went into the décor and lighting.


We placed our order at the counter from the menu board above it and got to chatting with Oday, the Jordanian owner. Because I like cheese he recommended the Cheese to my Knees Burger for me at R105. He warned me it had Blue cheese on but I decided to try it anyway. The fact that it was stuffed with mozzarella, and topped with caramelized onions, sweet pickles and flamed sauce sold me in spite of the fact that I don’t like blue cheese. Zulfi opted for one of the middle eastern dishes, the Arrays, pronounced Arrise at R75, which is a folded tortilla filled with spiced ground meat, onions, tomatoes and served with a fattoush salad. The burgers don’t come with chips so we ordered the Hangover Fries to share. This is a combination of onion rings, sweet potato fries and potato wedges topped with some cheese sauce at R45. The junior option for Taufeeq was a smaller burger and chips for R75. Eating burgers on Long street don’t come cheap.

But to the important stuff. Did the burger measure up. It certainly was presented in an artful way. A bit macabre but artful, in the middle of a wooden board with a steak knife sticking straight up out of it. I took one bite and decided I am still not into blue cheese. I promptly scraped it off my burger and started over. I must admit, this is one of the best burgers I’ve had yet. The patty is hand made and tasty, done just right. The rest of the flavours combine to make this burger one I will definitely order again, sans the blue cheese.


The Arrais was a large portion, but as expected the ground meat in the tortilla was rather plain as middle eastern food often is. The fattoush salad was delicious though. A zesty combination of lettuce, cucumber, tomato and toasted tortilla chips sprinkled with sumac. Tip: Finish all of it. Don’t take this home with you. Wilted soggy tortilla chips the next day are just sad.




The fries were all good, the onion rings were crisp and chunky. But you need to have these quick and hot. The cheese sauce, because of the cold weather got cold rather quickly so was not so great once cold. This is also because the venue is open plan with a large open doorway which lets in a lot of the outside chill. We were a bit over ambitious and had also ordered a side of Fried Haloumi which we thought we could break fast with, but it did not arrive in time. We were offered glasses of water at iftar time instead. You won’t be offered complementary falooda and savouries here like many other restaurants are doing. Personally, I think it’s a bit overdone anyway. The halloumi was pretty good with a side of spicy sauce but we took most of it home.


The smoothies we ordered needed some work. I had the Pina Colada – pineapple, coconut milk, coconut flakes and coconut water. I normally enjoy this flavor, but this one was not quite working for me. Also it was too chunky, a not very smooth smoothie. The Razzle Dazzle which is a mix of berries was also just so so. At R48 a pop I would not order this again. Oday was very glad to have feedback though when I told him this. He is happy to hear what works and what doesn’t so he can adjust his menu over time. He also said that after Ramadaan they would be doing milkshakes, which I think would work better than smoothies with the rest of the menu.

Oday was very hands on. Due to strikes and transport issues he did not have staff after 5pm, so handled orders and waiting tables himself. He made sure we were happy and even went out for a cream soda for Taufeeq which he didn’t have in his fridge.

This is going to become a very popular spot after Ramadaan if it is not already drawing the after Taraweeh crowd. The only thing they don’t offer is dessert. But who knows, maybe those milkshakes might be just the thang….

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