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Updated: 28-03-2019

There is nothing more street food than the humble hotdog. Made famous by every American movie with a New York scene, in which the hero at some point will purchase this pink Vienna enfolded in a long soft roll and inevitably top it with mustard sauce. In South Africa we have stepped it up a notch, and no self respecting hotdog is sold without the addition of chips and peri peri sauce.

We have also gone one step further and taken that very South African of sausages, Boerewors, initially reserved for our national pastime, braaiing, and created a hotdog with a uniquely South African signature, the Boerie Roll. Made for eating on the go, this spiced sausage with its distinct coriander flavour can be found at every flea market and outdoor event in the country.

And now enter The Gourmet Boerie. While not exactly a new concept, this new outfit in the Northern Suburbs of Parow have hit the nail on the head with a truly “lekker” finger licking boerie that has as much visual appeal as it has lip smacking goodness. Run by Qayoom and Noorjehaan Camroodien, who have day jobs, The Gourmet Boerie is an order and collect home business that runs one evening a week, every Thursday. We tried their Boerie and Jalapeno Poppers last week after hearing about it on a neighbourhood Whatsapp group.

The boeries come in hot or mild. We took one of each. We were forewarned that it’s not really suitable for children because even the mild has a little bite. We also tried the Jalapeno poppers. And this is the entire menu. Which is not a bad thing let me add. Cos when you’re that focused you’ve got to get it right.

So let’s get to it. This Boerie is no shrinking violet. It’s bigger than your average boerewors roll. A slightly dense ciabatta like roll (no soft fall-apart Sasko hotdog rolls here) sliced at the top and filled with a tasty sausage, grated cheese, jalapenos, caramelized onions, mayo, Qayoom’s secret sauce and topped with fresh coriander. This came with a very generous side of fries all for R55. I really enjoyed this especially the grated cheese, which was unexpected but added a really nice texture to the roll. The poppers were good too. Stuffed with a combination of 3 cheeses, coated with seasoned crumbs and deep fried to perfection. These went for R25 for 3. My lips burning after having the first one, I still felt like I could have had another.

Gourmet Boerie Hungry for halaal

It took about 7 minutes from time of collection to get home. I then of course had to shoot the obligatory pics before I could dig in, fielding rolling eyes from hubby who was not prepared to wait and eat cold food. This took another 10 minutes. I also did not want to eat cold food and thankfully it had kept reasonably warm even 20 minutes later. Even the fries were still crisp.

Order via Whatsapp from Wednesdays when the order line opens and pick up on Thursdays between 5 and 9pm.

Gourmet Boerie Hungry for halaal

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