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Lebanese Bakery Hungry for Halaal

Lebanese Bakery, Claremont


07:30 - 18:00 Monday to Saturday


Middle Eastern


Muslim Owned

Price Range (p/p)

Cheap | Under R100

Casual Dining
Parking - Off Street
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Updated: 28-03-2019

In a quest for Middle Eastern cuisine, I found myself visiting the new Lebanese Bakery on Imam Haron Road. Yes, it’s called Lebanese Bakery in case you were waiting for the name.

Run by Nicky who is Capetonian and her husband Shawki, of Lebanese origin, the Lebanese Bakery is small and quaint. It is almost deli style and minimalist with a clay pizza oven within view of the seating in which the breads are freshly made. There is a striking painting of a refugee child behind the counter which really grabs your attention.

Lebanese Bakery Hungry for Halaal

The menu is succinct with 3 main items and variations of these. They offer Manakish, a Middle Eastern Flatbread which can be served open or folded. The Manakish is available in various flavours such as Zaatar, Labneh, Cheese and Veggie. It is also offered with meat as a second type of variation, called Sfiha and Kafta. The next item is the Fatayer which is a Middle Eastern pie stuffed with either cheese or spinach. Lastly the piece de resistance came in the form of a Middle Eastern bagel called Ka’ak with various filling options such as halloumi, cream cheese or Nutella. The aroma of the freshly baked Ka’ak wafted through the place and was oh so enticing.

After having a brief chat with Shawki regarding his inspiration to open, I placed my order. Shawki was kind enough to offer suggestions on what to order and what was most popular. I ended up ordering the Manakish with Zaatar, cheese and one with meat which was called Manakish Sfiha. I also ordered a spinach Fatayer and a Ka’ak with half Nutella and banana and half halloumi.

Lebanese Bakery Hungry for Halaal


The Taste Test

I was blown away by the texture and taste of the hot, fresh Ka’ak with the Nutella and banana. It felt like I had just tasted a little bit of heaven. Now even though it deviates from being authentic Middle Eastern, the Nutella and banana filled Ka’ak is a MUST. I found the Ka’ak with halloumi to be a little bit bland but acceptable especially if you like something more plain. The spinach Fatayer was not really something that jumped out at me taste wise. Personally I would not repeat it. I did however, absolutely love the Manakish selection. They looked like miniature pizzas almost. My favourite was the Sfiha or meat one. It was tasty and the meat flavour blended well with the bread base. I also really enjoyed the cheese Manakish, I found the Zaatar one to be a tad overpowering. I think with a bit of hummus the Zaatar one would have been great, but since it was topped with just the Zaatar I felt it to be too potent.

I ordered the Laban which is a Middle Eastern yoghurt drink. It was lovely and refreshing alongside the breads. They also offer a range of coffees, juices and cooldrinks. Prices of the various bread options range from R40 to R70. For two people you would pay around R240 for a range of breads and drinks.


Parking is a problem but one can find parking at the back of the building as well as on either of the side roads. You can request half and half as the Ka’ak are big. That way you can have more of a variety. The clay oven means the place gets quite warm inside, best to sit a little further away from the oven. The breads are best eaten hot so try to sit down rather than grab a takeaway.


By Rafieka Banderker
Accountant by profession, writer at heart. Avid traveller, adrenaline junkie and bookworm.
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Reviewed: 7 November 2018


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