Malay Coffee Company Hungry for Halaal

Malay Coffee Company, Cape Town CBD


7:00 - 18:00 Mon to Fri
20:00 - 02:00 Fri to Sat
closed 12:30 - 13:45 Fridays
closes 3pm Thursday


Not Specified


Muslim Owned

Price Range (p/p)

Cheap | Under R100

Casual Dining
Parking - Off Street
Credit Cards Not Accepted
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Updated: 28-03-2019

Quite high up on Loop street, if you’re looking closely, you may be lucky enough to stumble into a quaint little cubbyhole called Malay Coffee Company. Run by the lovely Moneeba Salie with her earnest grey eyes, it’s like getting lunch from a homely little halaal kitchen while the city buzzes on outside.

Malay Coffee Company Hungry for Halaal

Moneeba was handed the keys to the little eatery quite by surprise for her birthday. A gift from her husband who had crafted everything in the shop by hand. The love and care that goes into a gift like that has no option but to shine through in it’s delivery. The cafe had been closed for a while due to the council revamps on that section of the road and when I walked in yesterday they were not yet fully stocked. Nevertheless, I struck up a conversation with Moneeba and ordered a chicken and mayo sandwich from what was on offer. She happily got busy with preparing it while chatting animatedly with me about the cafe and how it all started. As she sizzled onions and chicken on the grill for my sandwich the tantalising smells made me realise how ravenous I suddenly was.

Malay Coffee Company Hungry for Halaal

I parked off at the narrow counter by the window, covered with newspaper decoupage from local papers like the Cape Times from years gone by, where I could also watch what was happening on the street outside. It’s a quiet section of town. Not too much hustle and bustle and made for a relaxing spot to while the time away. Right next door, attached to the same building is the Coowatol Islam Mosque, which is one of the oldest mosques in the Western Cape, opened in 1883. For that reason the signage of the Cafe is a bit subtle which is why it’s so easy to miss.

Moneeba brought over my sandwich and got busy preparing me a cappucino. In spite of it’s simplicity, the sandwich was quite yum with the addition of the grilled onions. Between Moneeba and her husband they have made a great effort to carefully select the coffee they want to sell. After much testing and visiting various roasters they have opted for the Marchetti brand. The capuccino I had was good. Perhaps a slight bit stronger than most, but I like my coffee a bit on the strong side.

Malay Coffee Company Hungry for Halaal

Malay Coffee Company Hungry for Halaal

Currently the menu offers light meals like sandwiches and a variety of coffee. On Fridays you can also get Cape Malay favourites like Salomies, Boeries, Lasagna and Akhni! Yes, homemade Akhni in the city. Be careful though, you don’t want to fall asleep at your desk afterwards. Moneeba also takes orders for large quantities and can supply meals for your office function. Prices are reasonable. At R35 for my sandwich and R20 for my capuccino, it was more than worth it. While they don’t accept credit card, they do have Zapper and Snapscan.

The cafe is open 7am till 6pm in the week and till 2am on Friday and Saturday nights for the late night revellers in the city. She also closes early on Thursday at 3pm. They are closed for Jumuah (prayers) on Fridays between 12.30pm and 1.45pm.




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  • Leaving a review to counter the previous review — it’s rating CATURRA. which this isn’t and makes it look like this place is 2 stars. I haven’t even been here but inaccurate reviews annoy me.

  • My sis and i made this quick stop while bridal fabric shopping today and was very happy sitting outside , the complimentary koeksisters and our chicken & mayo sandwiches was delicious so was the hot chips , as we both hate slap chips this was a treat – crispy ? our mocha coffee was yummy and although small inside and no glitz & glamma ? its just what we wanted- friendly quick service and delicious food – will definitely pop in again