Mazaari Hungry for Halaal

Mazaari Restaurant, CBD


12:00 - 22:00 Tuesday to Sunday


Not Specified


Muslim Owned

Price Range (p/p)

Medium | R100 - R300

Parking - Off Street
Reservations Necessary
Credit Cards Accepted
Waiter Service
Wheelchair Access Not Available
Child Friendly -Yes
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Updated: 28-03-2019

It was my father’s birthday this month, so we decided to try Mazaari, which is the new restaurant that opened in place of Jiah in Buitengracht Street, Cape Town. I had heard from friends that the food was both enjoyable and reasonably priced so I was definitely excited to try it.

On arrival, I could see the outside seating area was not being used due to the cold and wet weather conditions. Tables and chairs had been stacked up outside. The lights were also off outside which made for a bit of a gloomy entry.

Upon being seated we chose a table close to the back as there was more light which created a better ambiance. The décor comes across as very basic. I got the feeling not much thought was put into overall décor or creating an ambiance. The lighting was dim with little lamps on each table, although ours had no lamp. The dim lights created somewhat of an atmosphere.

Mazaari Hungry for Halaal

Now onto the food, this made up for what lacked in other areas such as the decor. The food menu was concise and they had a small selection of starters, mains and desserts. I felt that was a good idea in terms of handling the kitchen and the number of patrons. The drinks menu was extensive and included gourmet milkshakes, mocktails, frappes and warm drinks.

We ordered the crumbed mushrooms as a starter. Served with tartar sauce, the mushrooms were tasty and moreish. For mains we ordered the 300gr masala fillet steak, the kingklip masala, the peri peri chicken burger and the House chicken burger. I ordered my steak as medium and it arrived as well done. I didn’t send it back as I felt I may wait too long. This did take away from the overall taste of the steak. Although I absolutely loved the masala basting that was used. If you enjoy a bit of a sizzle then this is for you. I ordered it with an extra side of creamed spinach along with the mushroom sauce and fries.

Mazaari Hungry for Halaal

Mazaari Hungry for Halaal

My family enjoyed their meals and commented on both the taste and the portions. The burgers were huge and my sister struggled to finish hers. The kingklip masala was served as two kingklip fillets, rice, poppadum and a seafood sauce. It was tasty and had a nice kick. It was also very filling according to my mum.

As far as my love for mocktails goes, I absolutely had to try one so I went with the Cosmo Crush. Definitely one of the better ones I’ve tasted thus far. It had the correct balance of sweet and sour. My mum tried the African Mango Lassi, which was a twist on the good ol’ mango lassi. I enjoyed it although I felt the cardamom twist was a bit overpowering.

Mazaari Hungry for Halaal

The service was great and there were constantly waitrons coming around to check on us. They were all friendly, welcoming and attentive. The prices for the kingklip masala and the 300gr fillet with 2 sides were R159 and R145 respectively. The burgers with chips and onion rings ranged from R65 for the House chicken burger to R85 for the peri peri chicken burger. The two mocktails averaged at R30,which I found reasonable in comparison to other restaurants.

As you can imagine after a 300gr steak, I couldn’t even think of squeezing in dessert. The dessert menu consists of only 3 options: chocolate brownie, banana split and cheesecake. I do however think that it would be worth another visit for dessert and coffee.

We had a pleasant evening out especially where the food and service were concerned. The atmosphere and décor need some oomph and maybe even a bit of music would chirp up the restaurant.

Based on the overall experience, service and food I would most definitely re-visit this restaurant. I do hope that by then more of an ambiance is created for the patrons.


By Rafieka Banderker
Accountant by profession, writer at heart. Avid traveller, adrenaline junkie and bookworm.
“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life”- Rumi
The above quote pretty much sums me up. I live life to its absolute fullest!
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User Reviews

  • I have herd many good things about this restaurant and decided to give it a go. calling to make a booking was a tiresome process. Speaking to Lala she could barely make out what I was saying I made the booking anyway still feeling unsure that she made the booking correctly so I called back 30 min later to confirm only to be told in a very irritated voice that they still on the road and she will write it in the book when she gets to the office. This is not how you treat clients already disappointed

  • Was there last night; When the waiter came to get our orders I asked him for any specials and specialities of the house. He told me everything was good and nothing else.
    So we ordered our food… I ordered two burgers for my kids.
    Later I found a leaflet at the counter by reception stating that they have a special on burgers… two for R100 amongst other things on a Wednesday.
    When we asked for the bill we were charged full price for the two burgers… and NOT according to their specials… because we were not specific; well you did not tell us about your specials in the first place.
    Service was also extremely POOR!!!

  • Poor service, the food was mediocer and the manager was unprofessional. Waited an hour for food that was raw. Ordered coffee, only to have the waiter mention 15 minutes later that the machine is off.

  • This is my second visit after 3 months and tonight I ordered the same meal. Lamb curry, my worst mistake ever most horrible curry. Please get the recipe back of your previous chef or you will loose customers!

  • We received a wikideal as a gift, which included a 2 course meal at Mazaari’s. Initially I was hesitant to go to this restaurant as the images shown online where not appealing, but we decided because it was a gift, we would give it a try.

    We initially couldn’t actually find the restaurant, as there were no lights on the outside of the restaurant, so it was very dark and dodgy.

    On arrival, the ambiance was dismal to say the least. We were shown to our table and immediately when we sat down I knew, this was not going to be a good experience. Firstly, the music sets a tone that could put one asleep, the decor is horrendous and the lighting cheap.

    We were then given a menu which was applicable for anyone who had a wikideal. My husband and I both ordered the fillet steak and the chocolate brownie for dessert. We unfortunately were told that they had no more fillet steaks, but they could give us a T-bone instead, which was fine.

    When we received our food, the steak was so thin it could have been a schnitzel and was drenched in a basting sauce that tasted like jimmy’s sauce (the sauce wasn’t even cooked) and the onion rings were not cooked properly, so were stodgy and unpleasant. The roasted vegetables were at least edible.

    My husband had to send his steak back to be cooked for longer as it was so raw, and, there was so much fat around the meat, that we could only eat a small piece of the steak (not that we wanted to eat more anyway). The food was so horrendous that we actually started to feel ill just by looking at it and didn’t feel like we could trust what was coming out of the kitchen. On that note, we decided to actually leave the food after having a few bites and ditch the idea of braving the dessert (which didn’t look great coming out to the other dinners).
    The, when we were paying for our drinks at the front, I looked into an open storage room and noticed how dirty it was – not pleasant to witness.

    Please do not waste your money going to this restaurant, it will be an absolute waste of your time and money. We will absolutely never go back and cant believe that a restaurant like this exists in Cape town. If I could give it 0 stars I would.

  • This is the second time I’ve been to this restaurant. The same poor service we had about 1 year ago is the same issue we had this time. We were a group of 15. Some of us received our food after an hour, the others waited an extra 30min for their food. Imagine waiting a hour and a half for food. The manager apologised profusely stating that the delay was caused by the previous 16-people group. The owner said it was due to a kitchen emergency. Well, if you can’t handle large groups, don’t take the booking. And if there was truly a kitchen emergency, some communication to us waiting, would have been appreciated. Instead we grew restless with agitation and outright anger.

    The taste of the dishes ranged from average to very good.

    I think they have to go back to the drawing board in terms of how they manage the eefficiency of their service. They truly have the potential to be a great halaal restaurant. But I don’t think I’ll be giving them a third chance to be there to witness it.

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