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Updated: 28-03-2019

How do you like your schnitzel? They’re bringing the 90’s back at Merles Schnitz. At this new spot operating out of a seriously on trend container in a car park on Hans Stardom Avenue in the CBD, (where Saray used to be) you can have it with fries, with salad or on a roll. And that’s it. A short and very focussed menu. But it works. Cos these schnitzels really are all that.

Merlesschnitz Hungry for halaal

We got to try all 3 versions. The schnitzel on it’s own was well seasoned, crisp and tasty. The fries skinny and ample. The schnitzel on a roll though was where it’s at. I had it with their chilli mayo. There’s no salad on this roll to muddy the waters. Just stacks of schnitzel on a fresh Portuguese style roll and sauce. Loved this. The salad which is a trio of slaw with lots of flaked almonds and sunflower seeds, broccoli florets with cranberries and diced cucumber and tomato is a close second. I wasn’t mad about the Tahina sauce but the dhanya chutney was lit! Oh and did I mention the shakes?!? ? They’ve given them cute 90’s names like Night at the Roxbury. I had a Milo and Crunchie one. Honestly can’t remember its cute 90’s name but it was thick and good.

Merlesschnitz Hungry for halaal

It’s a partnership between a young Muslim and Jewish owner and I just love how they put their ethos across on their Instagram account, “We’re just a Jew and Muslim trying to make the world a better place”. Give them a bash for some great fast food with a spin. They’re also on @mrdfood for deliveries. The container concept is awesome and I hope they roll it out to more places.

Merlesschnitz Hungry for halaal

Listed 9 August 2018

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