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Montasio, Sea Point


10.00 am to 02.00 am
open 24 hours weekends




Muslim Owned

Price Range (p/p)

Cheap | Under R100
Medium | R100 - R300

24 Hour Dining
Casual Dining
Late Night
Parking - Off Street
Reservations Not Necessary
Credit Cards Accepted
Waiter Service
Wifi Available
Wheelchair Access Available
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Updated: 10-05-2019


An impromptu evening drive out this week took us through Sea Point en route to Camps Bay. Despite the overcast weather the idea was to pick up some easy food and park off with a view of the sunset. Pizza seemed to be the obvious easy food choice to have in the car so we stopped at Montasio on Sea Point’s Main Road, a halaal pizza joint that I hadn’t had the opportunity to try yet.

I was expecting a takeaway with one or 2 random tables but upon going inside I was surprised to see it was more than I expected. Yes, it does strike me as popular for takeouts, but they also have a pretty decent setup for sit down customers.
Comfy looking couches surround low coffee tables on one side and several tables are set along the big bay windows on the other side. Pity that the view is little more than the Sea Point street life.

The menu has burgers, snacks, pasta, pizza and even rice dishes. Some of the dishes sounded middle eastern with a Turkish leaning. The pizza range was not too extensive, and the toppings fairly simple. We made our choice of the Hot Chicken pizza, which wasn’t hot like chilly merely hot as in warm. Yes, I thought it an odd description as well. Isn’t pizza always hot……? We also tried one of the snacky things on the menu, a dish called Coxinhas. Which turned out to be a large crumbed and deep fried croquette with a very meaty filling. The pizza was pretty good. Don’t think I’ll order the Coxinhas again.

I placed our order along with a really good coffee while we waited and struck up a conversation with the owners. Montasio is owned by a couple from Iran which explains the Middle Eastern influence in the menu. We got to talking about Halaal Certification which they don’t believe is necessary as they are Muslim. I have come across this many times when talking to restaurant owners. If they are Muslim, many absolutely disagree with the idea that they need to be certified. Having said this, there also seems to be a great distrust of the certification process. Many feel they should not be paying for it, and others feel that even if you’re certified, it doesn’t mean that you’re following the rules. There seemed to be no belief in the integrity of the process or of other Muslim owners for that matter.
What would be good enough for you? Is it enough to know that it’s a  muslim owned establishment or do you think halaal certification is a must have. It would be great to have your feedback in the comments.

Please note: Hungry for Halaal is not a certification body. We do our best to verify that an establishment is Halaal Certified or Muslim owned but we cannot guarantee information that is supplied to us.

User Reviews

    • Hi Aysha. I pointed this out to the owners and they said it’s a generic menu and they haven’t changed it because it’s more understandable for their non muslim customers. I did suggest they change it however. If enough people put pressure on them perhaps they will.

  • I personally feel that they should have a Halaal certificate just to serve as piece of mind to us fellow muslims. Beyond all the politics with the certification process, most customers would not enquire if the owners are muslim or not, all we care about is the food and its origin. Therefore the certificate is what makes us feel comfortable not so?

  • I visited this restuarant yesterday with my husband and 2 small boys .we opted for the pizza options .my little required to utilise the toilets which was in an absolutely filthy condition and so was the kitchen.we came home soon realising that my son was vomiting uncontrollably and the rest of my family had stomach cramps and fever .the hygiene condition on this halaal outlet is aphalling .

    • I have been going to Montasio for the past 2 years as their food is quality.
      The service of the waiters is ridiculous, as we normally wait 30mins or so for our food, ironically when the place is not even that full. Lovely owners, friendly and always checking up on you. I also feel like the toilets should be upgraded and always kept clean, as most of the time it is’nt. We go here as the food quality is always the best and you get your money’s worth, nice vibe ,hookah pipes are decent, not the best but decent. They need to upgrade to the ice bucket hookah pipes and natural coals. Overall good place to go to if you want a good quality cooked meal.

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