Nabila’s Place, Benoni


9:00 - 20:00 Tues to Thurs
9:00 - 21:00 Fri & Sat
9:00 - 20:00 Sun
Closed Mon




Muslim Owned

Price Range (p/p)

Medium | R100 - R300

Parking - Car Park
Credit Cards Accepted
Waiter Service
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Updated: 02-07-2023

Nabila’s Place has moved to The Conservatory Shopping centre in Benoni. The aesthetic is still simple and homely and the food is exactly the same. See our review below at their previous location.

HOUSE REVIEW: September 2022

Nabila’s Place has a loyal following of those who know, so they don’t make a lot of noise. You won’t find them very active on socials or in the media because they simply let the food speak for itself. It’s one of Jozi’s best kept secrets. A place that the foodies go and go again.

2 years ago when I first went there I experienced the best and most dangerous prawns I’ve ever had in my life? It took my breath away, literally! When I could breath again I had to stop myself from finishing the hubby’s plate. They are super hot so proceed with caution. Milder heat is also available but what’s the fun in that.

What I like a most about the place, is its complete lack of pretension. Everything is simple. It’s like sitting in the kitchen of a modest home. The kind you might have grown up in. There’s no paintings adorning the walls, or fancy dinnerware. But you will get the best olive oil, chilli sauce and prawns this side of Moz!

The whole family is running this business. Nabila is in fact the daughter of the owner and his wife who is the chef. Nabila and her siblings take the orders and make sure everyone is happy while dad can be seen making sure everything is running smoothly.

As simple as this place is, it was hubby’s choice for his birthday meal this August. We went for lunch on a sunny Sunday afternoon around 1pm, and were just ahead of the lunch rush. We were first to arrive and within half an hour they were fully packed, both inside and outside. So reservations are recommended.

We played chicken with cholesterol that day as we had a prawn starter, camarâo  frito, which is new and not on the menu just yet, but you can ask for it. It’s saucy prawns and chips. And you need Portuguese rolls to mop up all the sauce. Zulfi had Mozambican prawns, Taufeeq had prawns with lemon butter and I had the grilled picanâ. The prawns as always were faultless. The picanâ was a very generous 3 pieces of steak. It was a little dry but I ordered it medium to well. You have to have this medium or rare. Flavour was kept simple, letting the meat shine, but I was offered some of the chicken sauce on the side. Our bill came to R790 including including drinks and dessert for 3 people. However their prawns at R160 for 6 is cheaper than most other places I’ve been lately.

They also serve chicken and authentic Portuguese dishes like Bacalhau and Rissoles that you won’t find everywhere. Bacalhau needs to be pre-ordered.

They have pasta de natas and the best crème caramel to finish off a very authentic Mozambican Portuguese meal. And a special mention for the machiato.

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