New Brighton Bakery Hungry for Halaal

New Brighton Bakery, Woodstock – CLOSED DOWN


08.00-15.30 Tuesday to Thursday, 08.00-13:00 Friday
08.00-14.00 Saturday


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Muslim Owned

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Medium | R100 - R300

Parking - Off Street
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Updated: 18-09-2019

New Brighton Bakery has relocated.

UPDATED REVIEW: 23 November 2017

New Brighton Bakery Hungry for Halaal

If you ever wanted an idea of the artistic soul of old Cape Town then the new setting of New Brighton Bakery provides a small keyhole through which you can catch a glimpse of it. Set in the historic building of 196 Victoria Road which has been converted into a wellness centre. It shares the space with an art gallery, yoga studio and various other practitioners in the wellness and holistic space.

We visited one Saturday in the middle of November to see what the new space was like and explore the menu for breakfast. I adore old buildings, and I loved that as you entered into this building there was all these adjoining rooms and spaces. The main restaurant is not very big. Dominated by a large wooden counter and sideboard which was laden with a variety of jars filled with fudge, cookies and other treats designed to go straight to your hips. An eclectic mix of wooden tables set upon a trendy white and black chequered floor leading through open steel and glass doors into a spacious studio where a few more tables were available. From here you could also walk through to an art gallery and pretty outside courtyard where café style seating on dark slate paving would have you feel like you were in the streets of Italy.

We were quickly seated inside and offered menus. As it is a bakery and coffee shop the menu is café style food. Light lunches and breakfast. While we were deciding Taufeeq spotted the counter of sin and dragged his dad over to choose dessert instead of breakfast. As he had already eaten at home we weren’t too phased at his choice of a gingerbread man for brunch washed down with a berry iced tea. We opted for the creamed mushrooms, chicken rashers and scrambled eggs on croissant for him and the Shakshuka for me. It wasn’t techically on the menu, but I had seen it on their facebook page, and when I asked about it they said they could make it. I love it when a restaurant makes an effort to accommodate requests.

New Brighton Bakery Hungry for Halaal

While we waited I took in the framed posters of old Cape Town and classic musicians like Abdullah Ibrahim, John Coltraine and The Beatles. The sounds of old Jazz played in the background and I felt a bit like I was in a smokey tavern in an old black and white movie. I ventured through the rest of the building and wished it was a bit warmer in order to sit outside. A table was set up outside with some wine glasses. I was told by Zaidah Naroth, who owns the bakery and showed me around that the outside space is shared with the other tenants so when events happen in the courtyard wine is sometimes served there but it is not allowed in the restaurant.

Our food was taking a bit long and we were glad we had arrived early as the venue was now full and spilling into the adjoining room. The smell of freshly baking croissants was driving me insane and just before my stomach betrayed me with rude noises I saw our waitress heading in our direction. Both dishes were presented on wooden boards as is the style in many restaurants at the moment. The croissant was overflowing with it’s stuffing and proved to be tasty and hearty enough to be quite filling. My Shakshuka was quite neatly presented with poached eggs on top, which is unlike the rustic way it’s normally done with the eggs cooked in the sauce. The tomato base had a hot chilli kick which I silently prayed was kick starting my slow metabolism. Yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it… flavour was on point and the poached eggs just runny enough. If you don’t like your eggs runny, be sure to tell your waiter as I wasn’t asked how I wanted my eggs done.

New Brighton Bakery Hungry for Halaal


New Brighton Bakery Hungry for Halaal

I couldn’t resist ending with a traditional dutch treat that I spotted earlier on said counter of sin. Amsterdammertjies is sort of a cross between a cupcake and a cookie made with almond paste. It has almost the texture of a very rich and heavy tasty wheat cake. You don’t see these everywhere and I jumped at the chance to have one, reluctantly sharing it with Zulfi and inevitably having to sacrifice half of it to Taufeeq whose concept of sharing is what’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is also mine.

Breakfasts average at about R60. I found pricing on the rest of the menu a little bit higher than I was expecting but not by much. And the sweet treats were cheaper than most. In total, our bill for all 2 and a half of us came to R201. They charge an automatic 10% service charge for tables of 4 or more.

I like the vibe and artistic setting and I will visit in summer to enjoy the courtyard ourside and another of those Amsterdammertjies…

New Brighton Bakery Hungry for Halaal



GUEST REVIEW: January 2016

Zulfah Jakoet-Abrahams is the lady behind today’s review. She runs her own home based business called Cakies with Love made with lots of love, passion and quality ingredients. She is also sister to Mariam Jakoet Harris, owner of Cooked Inc, whose healthy food to order business I reviewed in December last year. I daresay she is most qualified then to be reviewing New Brighton Bakery in Woodstock.

In Zulfah’s words…
This cosy little gem I spotted a while back when doing deliveries in the Woodstock area. Because I am always on the lookout for new coffee shops to try out on my ‘off’ day, I decided one morning to just stop and take a peek. And this is how my love affair with New Brighton Bakery began and became one of my all time favourite spots…

They offer a simple, yet delicious menu of breakfasts, gourmet sandwiches, light lunches and freshly squeezed juices, a variety of bread and delicious cakes. Everything is freshly prepared, cakes and bread baked on site with friendly service and good coffee. One can definitely taste the love and passion that goes into the preparation of each dish. Even better, from where one is sitting, you can see owner Zaidah Naroth hard at work in the  kitchen preparing her meals.

Today we ordered from the sandwich menu. I ordered the trout with cream cheese, avocado and dill; my friend the roast chicken and chilli.  Needless to say, it was tasty, fresh and the amount of chilli used was just perfect! And,they are definitely not shy with their avo! I was then offered one of her lunch meals on the house as a take-away. When I got home I couldn’t resist and wait until lunch time, so I ended up digging in! A traditional lasagne made with ostrich mince and beans served with a fresh green salad and light dressing. With all that protein, it makes the perfect post work-out meal! Now because their portions are so well sized, I always end up a bit sad because I am too full to order something sweet! My plan next time is to skip the meals and do only cake and coffee. Cake for breakfast???? Hmmmm, oh well, it will surely be worth every bite. Their mouth-watering dark chocolate and banana cake, ginger cake and brownies are on the top of my list!

So, next time you find yourself in the Woodstock area, look out for the bright orange building on the corner of Queens and Victoria (easy to remember as Queen Victoria!) Road and go try for yourself. They are well priced, it’s value for your money, friendly staff and most importantly they are STRICTLY  HALAAL…

Please note: Hungry for Halaal is not a certification body. We do our best to verify that an establishment is Halaal Certified or Muslim owned but we cannot guarantee information that is supplied to us.

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  • My husband and I went for breakfast on a Saturday morning. What a lovely place! Excellent atmosphere, service and food! Will definitely go again. IA

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