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Pearl Spoon Hungry for Halaal

Pearl Spoon, Claremont


8.00-17.00 daily, Closed Sundays


Not Specified


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Casual Dining
Parking - No Parking
Reservations Accepted
Credit Cards Accepted
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Wheelchair Access Available
Child Friendly -Yes
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Updated: 28-03-2019


Pearl Spoon is a suave and tasteful venue for light meals, brunches with the girls, and tea time treats. Or coffee, cos they make a really good coffee.

It’s a family run business, owned by 2 brothers, Jody and Sean and their sister Hayley Deedat. The decor is glam and upmarket and the food is equally well presented.

Upon entering the restaurant you are greeted by a beautifully arranged table of desserts, cakes and sweet treats. It sets the tone for wondering what you’ll have after your meal cos it’s fairly difficult to forget once you’ve set your eyes on it. There is a nook with couches and armchairs and sparkly chandeliers festoon the ceiling. The sounds of easy jazz fill the air as you are seated in the unusually busy for a week morning but obviously popular little venue.

The restaurant is situated on Belvedere road right next to the Caltex garage but I must admit it was easy to miss. I drove right past it and had to phone to ask where they were. They are next to the Snoekies, which is easier to spot on Belvedere road.

We ordered speciality drinks, an orange, carrot and ginger juice and a pomegranate, tea and soda concoction. Both were delicious, on the eye and on the tongue. The scrambled egg and salmon croissant and the honey mustard chicken with avo and macon on sourdough arrived fairly quickly after our drinks. Service was slick and we didn’t wait long at all. The meals were so pretty on the plate it was almost a shame to tuck in and upset this little piece of art. None of their more interesting open sandwiches are served warm though. And the warm toasteds are pretty standard fair. A nice touch on the table was tiny little holders of coarse black pepper and Maldon salt with you guessed it a tiny little Pearl Spoon to sprinkle with.

The meals are mostly light and fresh and include ingredients like Free Range Chicken and Buffalo Mozzarella. Prices are not bad. Both our meals were in the R75 range but prices start at about R25 for basic breakfasty stuff to R80 for a Sirloin steak with fries, cheaper than the Spur methinks. Our drinks were in the R30 range.

We chased our meals with excellent coffee and took a piece of chocolate cake as a takeaway. The cake was moist, dark and rich, truly divine and I certainly plan a trip back for a sample of something else from the dessert spread.

The Details: Halaal Certified

Please note: Hungry for Halaal is not a certification body. We do our best to verify that an establishment is Halaal Certified or Muslim owned but we cannot guarantee information that is supplied to us.

User Reviews

  • We visited the restaurant on 21 Dec 2016 and ordered Flat bread, which was disappointingly true to it’s name “Flat Bread”, emphasis on flat. The dough did not raise and ended up tasting half baked and very tough to cut through, nothing like the previous times I have ordered it. We ended up eating it like a pizza, with our hands. Toppings (prawn and salmon) were OK, portions were small for the price and service was below average. Definitely not value for your money. When we enquired about the flat bread base, to our surprise we were told that is how it usually is. Waiter recommended a specific Mocktail but did not know the ingredients of the drink and when the drink arrived it was nothing like she explained, in fact what I received was a water based drink and she indicated it was cream based. Nonetheless it was refreshing. Pina-Colada was good. The experience was disappointing!

  • Pearl Spoon Belvedere Road – my wife ordered a chicken wrap and got a wrap with a few thin strips of chicken and a hell if a lot if greenery (see image attached). Couple next to us found a fly in their milk shakes. Bad food and highly overpriced – cheese & tomato sandwich – R75.00. Can get Nandos burger meal for less.

  • Pearl Spoon !!!! more like Wooden Spoon… what a disaster. my kids planned to treat their dad to a good breakfast for Fathers Day. The waiter takes our orders , comes back to me half an hour later to ask ME what i had ordered while the rest of the family were enjoying their meals. Instead of bringing a juice he brings a coffee.. he mixed up the meals and didn’t seem to have a clue what he ought to do next. Real disappointing

  • My husband and I dropped in for coffee this morning and had the loveliest experience! A full restaurant, fabulous, smiling waitress, and surprise amuse bouche from the chef as we were leaving. The bill was tiny! We shall go back!!
    Can’t believe the bad reviews, when it is clearly such a well-run, professional establishment.