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Fast Food
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Updated: 20-10-2022

I recently accompanied Dilshad, on a four day food tour to Durban. The plan was to try and review as many restaurants as we possibly could in four days. What ensued was a series of serendipitous meet-ups, that would culminate in us reviewing an outlet called Po’Boys  just before boarding our flights back home.

For those of you who don’t know what a po’boy is, it’s a 25cm sandwich originating out of New Orleans. It almost always consists of meat, shrimp, fish oyster or crab. The meat is served on New Orleans French bread, known for its crispy crust and fluffy center (for those of you from Cape Town, think mini Gatsby-style!). But this Durban version, has catered for the KZN palate and changed the flavour profile to suit. We reviewed the Umhlanga branch of Po’Boys.

We arrived at the venue which seems to be situated  amidst a student accommodation complex. Very well-suited, since the whole concept of Po’boy is vibey, casual and tasty. We walked into a splash of bright red painted walls and glossy black floors. Theme colours which carry through to the takeaway boxes as well. The venue can accommodate a small group of friends grabbing a quick bite, although there is nothing “small” or “quick“ about a po’boy! Here definitely more is MORE !

Having been invited by the owner, in true Durban-style hospitality, we were treated to several po’boys to get a broader taste experience. It is worth noting, that one 25cm sandwich jam-packed with deliciousness already makes for a formidable meal. We had four! In the end we cut bite-sized pieces of each to sample and brought the rest back home to enjoy with our families.

The flavour profiles take you around the world from the

  • Cubano (Cuba) – steak, beef pastrami, cold meat, grilled cheddar with jalapeno pickles, mustard and mayo on their home-made toasted baguettes…I know… I’m salivating too!, to one of their most popular… 
  • General Tso (Asia) – fried sesame chicken strips with Asian slaw and homemade spicy soy sauce, and determined not to be outdone,
  • India had to make an appearance with The Bombay – a lamb kebab wrapped in phyllo pastry and deep fried, with chips and homemade green chutney
  • And of course how could you leave out Italy. The Bistecca Bruschetta with bbq steak, olives and mozzarella was delicious in it’s simplicity.

They say you eat with your eyes first, and ours were feasting! The creativity, even the tidy take-away boxes were so on trend. But in the end, the proof is in the pudding… great depths of flavour, each one with its own personailty, and every bite was a new tactile experience.

So, if you’re in the area and fancy a sexy, casually sophisticated meal that you can eat in your Sunday jeans, head over to Po’Boys… and go hungry!!

By Kausar Parker
Kausar Parker lives with her husband and two children in Cape Town.
Profession – Pharmacist
Occupation- Jack of all trades and master of none

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