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Medium | R100 - R300

Coffee Shop
Parking - Car Park
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Wheelchair Access Available
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Updated: 26-01-2022

Rondebosch Village Square in Cape Town has long been home to Nino’s Coffee Shop. After a very long innings they have closed down, one can only assume, another casualty of how Covid has impacted the hospitality industry. In its place is Rock Thai Sushi, serving up Asian food including Thai Noodles, Dim Sum and Sushi.

We visited the weekend after Eid for a girls catch-up and sushi date. I find the acoustics in this venue makes everything sound louder. So the feeling inside can be a little cavernous. The tables were reasonably spaced out which was good for social distancing. Our waiter was a friendly Zimbabwean who seated us quickly and took our order.

The weather was rainy so a steaming bowl of hot and sour Tom Yum Soup was quite appealing. We ordered that and some Chicken Dim Sum to start with. And while we waited, scoured the extended sushi menu for something different and exciting. The sushi menu included a lot of salmon and prawn options. We were feeling for tuna so we chose the Crunch Roll which had seared tuna atop California rolls and the Creamy Prawn sushi roses which was topped with a spicy prawn and mayo mixture.

The Tom Yum Soup and Dumplings came to the table fairly quickly. I love Tom Yum and have had the real deal in Thailand years ago. This version had coconut milk in, which I queried with the waiter as there is another soup on the menu which includes coconut milk and I thought they had brought me the wrong soup. He checked with the chef who said that their recipe includes coconut milk. I wasn’t really happy with the dish though and they promptly made me a new bowl without the coconut milk which was more authentic. A gesture which I appreciated. I chose to have the hot version, but I would recommend the medium instead. I had bitten a chilli while having the soup and nearly felt my scalp come off in the process. Their chillies mean business!

The dumplings were plump, filled with a chicken mixture and was served on a bed of cabbage in a bamboo steamer along with a dipping sauce. They were quite good though I missed the signature scorched bottom.

We followed with sushi which was a serving of 4 pieces each. The topping of seared tuna looked like it was canned tuna at first. And I raised my eyebrows expecting the worst. The last thing you use in Sushi is canned tuna, and I would write off any establishment that did. But I am happy to say my fears were unfounded. It was proper seared tuna that had been chopped up and mixed with a sauce to top off the sushi filled with crunchy cucumber. The tuna had a smokey flavour which was unexpected and quite nice. The Creamy Prawn sushi roses had a spicy kick from the 7-spice and I liked that the flavour was quite different from the Crunch Roll.

The 2 starters and 2 plates of sushi with 1 bottle of water cost about R360, a little bit on the expensive side for a light meal. There is no kiddies menu and dessert options were fairly standard. I spotted a range of hookah pipes in one corner of the restaurant. They have an outside seating area which would make it a good spot for hookah smokers. I would recommend this for a casual meetup with friends rather than a family night out.

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User Reviews

  • We are breakfast people and M&B customers, I must say we had the best breakfast this morning at rock thai shusi will definitely be back for more!!! The food was warm and simply delicious👌

  • Really nice breakfast. Awesome taste, great service. Cute quiet place with a very comfortable atmosphere. Definitely a place to try.