Rocomamas Hungry for Halaal

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Updated: 23-03-2022


The Rocomamas brand has become iconic over a very short time in the market. Known for the Smashburger and bad boy image it has the young and reckless flocking to it notwithstanding ridiculous waiting times, long queues and sitting outside in the cold when all the inside tables are full. So how do you halaalify a brand built on the bikers and booze concept? Well, you focus on the shakes… and so is born the FREAKSHAKE!

The halaal branch at Melrose Arch proved no less popular than the regular branches. We showed up without a booking on a warm Saturday night at 8.30. The central court of the Melrose Arch plaza was abuzz with people out on the town. Rocomamas, which is situated around the centre court along with other restaurants has some tables outside with their signature orange umbrellas and a cosy space on the inside with lots of wood finishing.

The crowds of young people waiting outside and surprisingly, some family groups, was already an indication that we were out of luck. We were told that there would be more than an hour’s waiting time. Not wanting to have dinner at 9.30 we decided to head elsewhere and opted to return in the morning for breakfast. Bet you didn’t see that coming. Never thought Rocomamas was a breakfast joint did you? Well, neither did I but when the guys saw how disappointed I was at not getting a table and also realizing I would be going back to Cape Town the next day they suggested I pop in for Breakfast. Cos they’re hardly ever busy then. So now you know a little secret about when you can go to Rocomamas without needing to book ahead.

But, do they have breakfast meals? Well it’s not the kind of breakfast meals you might be used to but if a Breakfast Burger will work for you then absolutely yes. Bring on the eggs and lets do this brekkie. How it works is all quite fun. They bring you a tear sheet with all the basic options of burger and combinations of egg, macon, mushroom, fries, cheese etc. You choose your basic and tick off your extras and beverage choice. This is all from the breakfast menu where the basic starts at R40 for a 100g beef patty with cheddar, egg, chilli and bbq sauce on a toasted bun. The regular menu gives you the option of a standard 150g patty, or double to 2 x 100g patties or downsize to 1 x 100g patty. I found the choices quite innovative and the prices really reasonable. A cheeseburger with chips comes to R69. Not bad. Our breakfast burger which my friend and I shared looked great and flavour was good as well. We were sharing because we were planning to destroy one of their famous waffles as well. Just look at this work of art that is their Nutella Waffle. It needs it’s own celebration. Having it with your meal is just too ambitious. We managed about half before we caved. This was the only item I thought pricey on the menu at R59.

Rocomamas Hungry for Halaal


Rocomamas Hungry for Halaal

Our waiter had also convinced us to try a small portion of the buffalo wings. I am a huge lover of chicken wings. And I am so glad I decided to try these. They were awesome. Spicy, crispy and perfectly cooked with Ranch sauce on the side.

Rocomamas Hungry for Halaal

So you may think we had had enough at this point, but no, we were going for broke. With both of us leaving town that evening, we were making sure we sampled everything Rocomamas is known for. And a Slow Death by Chocolate is how we were gonna finish ourselves off on the glutton meter. This monster is not for the faint of heart. Thick chocolate milkshake infused with decadent chocolate sauce and embellished with Oreos, crushed Whispers and chocolate sticks. Just update your will before you have one of these.

Rocomamas Hungry for Halaal


By this point I was running late for my next adventure in Jozi and after having a few sips of the shake left poor Zakkiya to try and finish off the rest by herself. I never did ask her if she got through the rest of it, hmmmm……

I’m sorry if I sounded like I was gushing in this post. But I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about Rocomamas. The service was great, the staff friendly and energetic. It was the same staff from the night before and they remembered us that morning. A lady at the next table was having breakfast with her 2 small children, so it’s easy to downsize a portion for the kids. It’s a bit vibey to bring the kids here at night though.

I hope they open a halaal Cape Town branch real soon. They’ve whet the appetite and the Mountain is waiting….





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User Reviews

  • We ate this restaurant when it just opened. We had to wait 2 hours to get seated as it was extremely busy as this was the first of the halaal stores but it was well worth the wait. We ordered a variety of meal so that we could sample a bit of everything. Starters was the nachos, then we ordered burgers, ribs and wings for the main meal and finished it all off with milkshakes. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. I am glad that there are a few halaal branches now.