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Saray Restaurant, Cape Town CBD


09:00 - 22:00 Monday to Thursday
09:00 - 23:00 Friday
11:00 - 23:00 Saturday
11:00 - 21:00 Sunday


Middle Eastern


Muslim Owned

Price Range (p/p)

Medium | R100 - R300

Casual Dining
Smart Casual
Parking - Car Park
Reservations Accepted
Credit Cards Accepted
Waiter Service
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Updated: 05-02-2020


If you’ve been missing your fix of Turkish cuizine in the Cape Town CBD, you’ll be happy to know that Saray has re-opened in it’s new location at the Harbour Edge building. They’re still serving mostly the same menu of Turkish dishes you’ve come to love but the new venue has a lot more to offer.

This venue has in the past housed the stylish Truffle restaurant and more recently, The Waters Edge restaurant. The decor on the inside still retains a very similar look and feel as the original Truffle. The outside deck area however with it’s glass conservatory feeling has been transformed by the famaliar red upholstery and booth seating into the style more reminiscent of the original Saray restaurant. This is also where you can enjoy your Shisha. A little better on a winters day than the outside seating at the previous venue. The upstairs section lends itself well to having small private functions or events.


We popped in about 9pm on a Tuesday night and the restaurant was still buzzing for a weeknight. We were seated by a friendly middle eastern waiter and proceeded to order a Spicy Lamb Kebab, a Tavuk Sote which is chicken cooked in a tomato sauce with vegetables, topped with cheese and served in a clay dish with lavash bread, as well a Karides Guvec which is similar to the Tavuk Sote, just with Spicy Shrimp in stead of chicken. These came to the table sizzling in their clay bowls. The kebab was tasty as we opted for the spicy version. The Sote and Guvec with the melted cheese was yummy. We scooped up the saucy, cheesy affair with the turkish bread on the side. I found the shrimp version a little undercooked. I like my prawns a bit drier. Bit we all enjoyed our dishes.

If it wasn’t so late I would have ended with dessert or the apple mint tea. They have a small dessert selection but only the baklava is Turkish. Would be great is they added a few more Turkish dessert options. Alas, the clock was ticking and babysitters had to be relieved. So dessert will be explored at a future date.


Updated: 25 July 2018



The thing that bugs me most about a trip to the city is the parking. You could spend as much time looking for parking as it took you to get to town in the first place. And then when you get back from your meeting, engagement, etc., you’ve got to sell your right arm to pay for said parking. No wonder Uber is becoming more and more popular. It can really take the anger out of parking rage. And that is the first reason I liked Saray restaurant; there’s lots of parking. Granted, I was there on a Sunday but it’s situated in a complex where there is a car park and and it’s a bit removed from all the office buildings so the battle for parking will at least be a little less “Game of Thrones”.

Saray is a very recent addition to Cape Town’s repertoire of halaal dining, bringing authentic Turkish-Kurdish food to the Cape Town CBD. We went for lunch on a Sunday. It was quiet with only 2 other tables occupied but got a little busier as it got past 1 o’ clock. The large double volume space gives a sense of vastness yet it’s not a huge restaurant but there is also outside seating and it can accomodate quite a large crowd. We were seated at an inside table against the wall which is lined with bench style seating. The rich red of the upholstery and table cloths lend an exotic air. Conical copper lamps hang low from the ceiling and at night I’m sure this lights up into a warm haven. The big windows all round allow in lots of light and the white solid plastic chairs and rough cement floor lends an overall feel that is casual and bright.

Saray Restaurant Hungry for Halaal

Upon being seated my 3 year old, as 3 year olds are wont to do, immediately needed the loo. The restaurant does not have a loo inside, but the complex does and the waiter took a walk outside with us to point out the toilets. We waited quite long before they came to take our order and considering they were not busy, I was getting a little antsy. When they did come service was very attentive. The waiter had a thick middle eastern accent though and there was a bit of difficulty with communication when he was explaining the various unfamiliar dishes but we managed and he was able to get his explanation across. We ordered a meze starter which came with 5 dips including hummus, aubergine, tzaziki and 2 flatbreads. The mixing and matching of the dips made for interesting combinations. There was an option of a 1l carafe of lemonade which we ordered. I know that Ocean Basket also offers this in several flavours.

Saray Restaurant Hungry for Halaal

As I was on my detox plan I ordered a vegetarian dish of assorted vegetables cooked in a tomato sauce. It’s not served with any starch so I asked for flat bread to go with it. Z ordered the Kofte which is meatballs served with rice and a side of chips. Two starches seemed odd but we went with it. This dish was bit dry and could have used some kind of sauce. The taste as with most middle eastern food was quite mild. My veggies were tasty though and I didn’t miss the heat that I am used to. It’s quite interesting that the ingredients and spices of middle eastern and Indian food are so similar but the flavours in the end so different. The middle eastern palate favours less heat and spiciness yet the climate in the 2 areas are very similar.


The menu offers breakfast dishes as well but they only open at 11am on weekends. They also have an extensive list of starters and some light meals I’d still like to try. The dessert menu is small but we ordered an ice cream for my little one. It came in a parfait glass with pieces of mango in it which he wanted nothing to do with so reluctantly (not) I had to help him with his dessert. We finished off with Turkish Coffee for hubby which was presented in a pretty decorated esspresso cup and served with a little nugget of Turkish Delight. Inspite of the fact that I’m more of a coffee drinker, I tried the Turkish Apple tea. It was an excellent choice with a smooth and rounded consistency and surprisingly intense flavour.

Saray Restaurant Hungry for Halaal

They offer shisha pipes as well. People were having it at the outside tables and I’m not sure if it is offered inside the restaurant. But you might not want to take the kids if that’s the case.

The whole meal set us back about R450 which is a fair average. The ambiance is good but the service could use a little work. It’s very new though and I’m sure they were still finding their feet. I’d certainly go again for the reams of dishes I haven’t tried yet.

Please note: Hungry for Halaal is not a certification body. We do our best to verify that an establishment is Halaal Certified or Muslim owned but we cannot guarantee information that is supplied to us.

User Reviews

  • We went to celebrate 2 birthdays. Service was very poor .orders got all mixed up., which the gentleman actually admitted. Guests that arrived long after us …had their meal way before we did and left whilst we got our meals 3 at a time …didn’t get cutlery ….didn’t get correct drinks ….2 of our 10 pax received a simple dish when the rest of us were finished eating . Very very disappointed, will not recommend the restaurant at all.

  • I been To this restaurant twice in space of 3 months. The menu is something you will find anywhere else in Cape Town according to my eyes. The food is very tasty and something i have never come across before. The place is cosy and different to the very modern and mainstream look of today restaurants. The prices are okay and the portions are decent. The only thing i could think about or maybe have parking for free to the customers as we would have to pay the parking company for your bay.

  • I don’t think we should assume that he wants alcohol, rather assume that he wants to know if they are strictly halaal or halaal friendly. Not every muslim eats at halaal friendly restaurants 😉