Sweetbeet, Canal Walk


09:00 - 21:00 Mon to Sun


Health Food



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Cheap | Under R100

Banting Friendly
Casual Dining
Children’s menu
Light Meals
Parking - Car Park
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Self Service
Wheelchair Access Available
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Updated: 16-03-2022

Recently opened at Canal Walk, Sweetbeet enjoys a prime location just off the Canal Walk food court. They have a catchy look with their grass wall panel, light beech tables andSweetbeet bicycles adorning the walls. Their primary focus is healthy eating and the menu consists mainly of wraps, bowls and salads but SweetBeet have found a sweet spot at the intersection of healthy and delicious.

I tried them for breakfast and found myself back there again with friends within the same week. So I got to try a cross section of the menu. Yes, eating off someone else’s plate helps too…

The restaurant setup is quite casual. You can order off the menu screens at the counter, pay for your order and then take a number and head to a table. They will bring your food to your table and it’s ready even before you are. At the counter we also found syringes filled with mysterious concoctions. The teller explained the grey ones were activated charcoal shots which are great for gut health. The orange, and slightly less dangerous looking ones were flu shots, filled with turmeric and other good stuff to keep the flu at bay. Technically not a needle shot, these you just squirt into your mouth.

The first time I went, it was breakfast time and I tried the Mexican mince and scrambled eggs on sourdough toast at R59 with a double shot latte. Firstly allow me to exclaim over the coffee. They use a brand called Deluxe, which I haven’t come across before but it could hold it’s own with the best of them. What I learned later on is that if you bring your own cup they’ll take R5 off your coffee. It’s all about reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

The Mexican mince was tasty, spicy with just enough heat for breakfast and the eggs perfectly done and fluffy. My friend had the scrambled egg and Parmesan breakfast burrito at R69, filled with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, spinach and roasted peppers. This was a large wrap half of which she took home. It was a tad plain but she was offered a choice of sauces, which picked it up nicely.

They have a coffee French toast on the menu, which I could not, not try. This was egg dipped sourdough rye fried in coffee sugar and served with a side of coffee cream and syrup. I found this quite decadent. The dish was rich and along with a double shot latte would make a coffee lover very happy on a Sunday morning brunch date. Breakfast is available all day, lunch is from 11am. Gluten free bread and vegan cheese options are available for a small additional cost.

My next visit was with friends and we all tried a different bowl or salad. There was a Mexican Bowl which was pretty much deconstructed nachos. All the trimmings of traditional nachos just served in a bowl. There was the Spicy Bean bowl which came with peas, bulgar and guacamole. I had a taste of the bean mix and it was flavourful and something I would order for myself. One person did a build your own chicken salad with, red cabbage, rocket, feta and sprouts.

I tried a warm bowl with Chicken pesto, quinoa, shaved parmesan, spicy broccoli, lettuce and croutons. I swopped my tomato out for jalapenos which added a nice heat. I enjoyed this but thought it could have used a bit more dressing. Hubby had ordered a toastie with avo, cottage cheese and oak smoked trout. This was topped with a pile of crispy fried onions which gives it another level of flavour. He loved it and announced that we can go back anytime. Not often that he willingly goes to a healthy joint, so I’ll get that in writing soon. The bowls and salads average at about R75. I love how they finish all their dishes with an edible flower. Seriously insta-worthy.

The flavoured Raspberry and Hibiscus Kombucha sounded like a good idea. But Kombucha is definitely an acquired taste. While it is very good for you even the sophisticated flavours could not disguise the distinctive taste. There is a whole range of flavours if you’re a kombucha fan as well as a range of “Not made in China” water and other drinks. Except soda. No soda in sight.

Their dishes including the smoothies and juices are all named after musical icons, like the Miley Cytrus, the Katy Berry or the John Legendairy. We tried the Robin Thicke smoothie at R40 for a small – peanut butter, banana, honey, milk and Marcel’s frozen yoghurt. It was thick and luscious and no skimping on flavour. The musical names all play into the name Sweetbeet which is also a play on words as in beets (healthy), beats (heartbeat) and beats (music).

There’s a small kiddies section on the menu and plug points at the tables which is perfect for a working breakfast or keeping your device charged so the kids will behave. Takeaways come in recyclable containers and they offer paper straws. They even do their own in house recycling. They are taking green consciousness and living it without losing any of the flavour.


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