Tikkaways Hungry for Halaal

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Updated: 07-04-2019


Keep calm and curry on… so says the framed print on the facebrick wall inside the brand new Indian eatery in the Northern Suburb of Goodwood. And curry on we did on Monday morning when we stole a time out from the work schedule for an early lunch. Truth be told, we were drowning our sorrows in food as we had just come from a meeting with the principal and teacher at my son’s creche, discussing the possible reasons for his miscreant behaviour… yes, at 3 years old… I hang my head in shame… and dread to think what I may have to look forward to. I think back to the days of my pregnancy when my duas were for a healthy, happy, normal everything in its right place kind of child. And then I got it into my head to also ask the Almighty for a “spirited” child. One with zest for life and never a dull moment. I sometimes think that God is pointing and laughing at me now. That old adage comes to mind, “Be careful what you wish for…”

Tikkaways Hungry for Halaal

So returning from our visit to the principal’s office, we detour to the N1 Value Centre, which is right next to the N1 City Mall and pull into the ample parking in front of the store. Tikkaways opened about a month ago and I’ve been there twice before this and both times ended up in a queue. They must be doing something right. Monday, we were lucky. We were the only people there. Granted it was 11.30am.

The setup is casual but tasteful. You order your meal at the counter and wait for your take away or grab a table and eat in. We placed our order of a Durban Chicken Bunny Chow, Kashmiri Chicken Curry with a Garlic Naan and a small selection of savouries. We then took a table on the comfy seat against the wall while we waited for our meal. The restaurant seating area is bright, neat and casual. Care has been taken with the decor. 4 seater tables are covered with branded paper overlays. The chairs are a funky design combination of metal and wood. Along the window is a counter with barstools for eating for a quick getaway. It is clear you are in an Indian restaurant, but the decor is not overtly Indian. The touches in the logo branding and the copper lights hanging from the exposed ceiling gives you the flavour without rubbing your face in it. A wash basin is neatly presented against one wall for washing hands after your meal.

Tikkaways Hungry for Halaal

Our food was served after a short wait on silver trays which you eat from as well. My Kashmiri Chicken curry had a tomato base with a slightly sweet taste. The flavour was delicious, the boneless chicken pieces tender. The small chopped side salad was crisp and fresh. They pack this in a small sealed plastic packet when you order a takeaway so it doesn’t get all soggy and messy. The bunny chow was an artful volcano of bone in chicken curry flowing over half a loaf of hollowed out bread with a small carrot salad. The flavour of this curry was completely different from the one I had. Spicy and hot, it had more of a taste of home. I had a mango lassi on the side which I found a little too thick, especially for the thin straw. Of the selection of savouries, the potato samoosa was the bomb.

Tikkaways Hungry for Halaal

I’ve previously had the lamb Vindaloo, which only comes in hot. It blew my socks off but it was delicious. The Chicken Malai Kebab is a mild dish of chicken cubes marinated in buttermilk and spices and cooked in a tandoor. I’ve had this twice it’s so good. They have a small selection of vegetarian dishes. I want to try the Beans and Potato Bunny Chow soon. The prices are more than reasonable. Our meal on Monday came in at a ridiculous R130 and I still had curry to take home and make another meal of.

The proximity of Tikkaways is a very welcome addition for us northerners. It will become a real go to place for a home style meal in a hurry. Which means I will cook at home even less ????. It’s one of those places you can buy all your fixings for Sunday lunch and tell your Mother in Law you made it all yourself ????!

Published 23 September 2016

Tikkaways Hungry for Halaal

Tikkaways Hungry for Halaal

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